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BANKA is a specialist adjuvant oil proven to boost virus control in potato seed crops by an average of 18%


0.075 – 0.1%

of the total spray volume e.g. 150 – 200 mls in 200l of water



Key benefits of Banka

  • Improves spray retention on the leaf, increasing rainfastness of insecticide to 30 minutes to help maintain tight spray intervals in marginal weather.
  • Improves spreading of insecticide, resulting in full uniform coverage and optimum dose delivery to all parts of the crop for optimal efficacy.
  • Aids spray penetration, improving uptake of insecticide into leaf, increasing kill rate of feeding aphids, reducing virus transmission.


  • Half fill the spray tank with clean water and commence agitation.
  • Add the recommended quantity of BANKA.
  • Then add the recommended quantity of crop protection product and the remaining balance of water whilst maintaining agitation throughout.

READ THE LABEL BEFORE YOU BUY. USE PESTICIDES SAFELY. Banka is a trademark of Interagro (UK) Ltd. ADJ No. 0245, PCS No. 00710 All trademarks are duly acknowledged.

Key reasons to use Banka

  • Improves virus control: average +18%
    Banka improves potato virus Y control achieved with pyrethroid insecticides by an average of 18%. (Independent seed potato trials conducted by Holland Fyto on PVYN and PVYNTN transmitted via Peach potato aphid, Myzus persicae over 5 years, 2012-2016 on cultivar Binje).
  • Reliable improvement in yield and margin: +0.89t/ha worth £178/ha
    (average over 5 years, 2012-2016, based on potato price of £200/t). Banka has improved the control of potato virus Y with pyrethroid in each of the 5 years tested, resulting in a consistent yield improvement of 0.89 t/ha worth £178/ha.
  • Keep spray intervals on track
    Banka cuts drying times of partner insecticides, keeping growers spraying, even in showery conditions, maintaining tight spray intervals critical to the success of the virus control programme.
  • Excellent efficiency and crop safety
    Banka has an extremely low application rate of 0.075 – 0.1% v/v making it highly efficient for growers and can be used all the way up to and including tuber initiation. Banka also demonstrates excellent crop safety, protecting both yield and quality as a result, a significant benefit compared to mineral oils.

Advantages of Banka versus mineral oils

  • Improved and more reliable reduction in virus transmission
  • Excellent crop safety
  • Crop dries faster
  • Easily miscible
  • Low application rate

How to use Banka

Apply insecticide with Banka when aphids appear in traps and continue every 7 days until tuber initiation.

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