Feb 08 2023

Achieve dependable crop protection results with adjuvant Kantor

Your essential partner for unbeatable results

Achieve dependable crop protection results with adjuvant Kantor – the only 1-can adjuvant solution to benefit the full mixing and spraying process end-to-end, making it your essential partner for unbeatable results.

Top-performing crop protection sprays are becoming increasingly vital to keep on top of yield-robbing weeds and diseases. Against a backdrop of soaring input prices, you need performance you can rely on, with maximum payback from your investment. 

But catchy weather, challenging spraying conditions and crop protection weaknesses all put pressure on your spring workload. Conditions in which you mix your sprays and incompatibility can also burden the spraying operation.

What more can you do to get products where they are needed and get as much out of them as you can?

Adding Kantor to your spring spray programmes is the #1 thing you can do to correct the issues and achieve the dependable performance you and your crops need.

Kantor key benefits:

  • Prevents alkaline hydrolysis – pesticide breakdown at high pH
  • Improves tank mixing & compatibility even at low water temperatures
  • Maximises coverage to target plants & leaf layers
  • Superior coverage provides superior protection
  • Faster uptake into plants
  • Benefits the whole tank mix

Keeps pesticides stable in the spray tank

Kantor prevents alkaline hydrolysis – pesticide breakdown at high pH.

Creates the most stable environment for your spray mixture

Kantor buffers spray water to pH6-7, which is the most stable pH for most of the crop protection products you will be adding to your spray tank.

Whilst water is an essential carrier for your pesticide application, its also the medium that can destroy your crop protection active ingredients if the pH is too high

Adding Kantor to the water before adding your crop protection products will buffer the water, avoiding alkaline hydrolysis. This way actives remain completely stable in the tank and effective in the field.

Achieve dependable crop protection results with adjuvant Kantor

Avoids a tank mixing disaster

Kantor improves product mixing & compatibility, and may help rectify a problematic mix.

Save time & master mixing with Kantor – its the only way to be sure

Extensive testing over the years shows adding Kantor to the spray tank before filling, speeds up the mixing process and helps difficult mixes homogenise in the tank, and stay in solution.

Thorough mixing is crucial for pesticide effectiveness. Only active ingredient dissolved in water, can plants absorb. But mixing can be slow and tricky in cold water and some formulations can be hard to mix together. You could be losing efficacy without even realising it.

Kantor contains a compatibility agent – a self-emulsifying agent which helps products mix thoroughly together, even in cold water, and remain in solution without phase separation. Although Chlorothalonil is no longer permitted in the UK, the compatibility studies prove the point. 

Achieve dependable crop protection results with adjuvant Kantor

Achieve dependable crop protection results with adjuvant Kantor

Micronutrient mixing easier with Kantor

New tank mixing and compatibility studies show Kantor helps tricky micronutrient mixtures to dissolve properly in water so they can be absorbed fully by target plants.

Compat studies conducted at Eurofins looked at the effect of Kantor on micronutrient mixing in water – products that typically struggle to mix properly. In both cases, adding Kantor decreased flocculation and settling out. 

This simple demonstration shows how Kantor improves the mixing process



Using big mixes? Kantor reduces the likelihood of a mixing problem

“I wouldn’t dare do a 7-way mix without Kantor”

Tank mixing pesticides offers flexibility, saves time and may increase effectiveness, but it can be problematic. Adding any more than 3 products to the tank increases the chance of a mixing problem. 

Adding Kantor to the tank before filling is a good insurance to avoid a mixing problem, and to achieve the dependable crop protection performance you need.

Tank mix recovery may be possible

Although you should take every precaution to avoid a tank mixing issue, with time and effort it may be possible to recover a problematic tank mix using Kantor.

Once the products have been successfully re-suspended, apply with constant agitation.

More targeted application

Kantor maximises crop protection coverage across target plants & leaf layers.


Reduces the number of drift prone spray droplets keeping sprays on target

Kantor contains an anti-drift agent that helps reduce drift and keep your crop protection sprays on target. 

Research conducted by Silsoe Spray Applications Unit shows Kantor significantly reduces the number of fine spray droplets smaller than 100 microns, which are the most susceptible to drift.

In the tests, the number of drift prone Kestrel droplets were reduced by 23%.

Achieve dependable crop protection results with adjuvant Kantor

Creates the perfect size spray droplets so coverage is maximised

As well as reducing the number of drifty droplets, Kantor also reduces the number of very coarse droplets prone to bounce – a feature of low drift nozzles. This increases the number of droplets in the optimum size range for better coverage.

Farm trials with water sensitive paper shows that adding Kantor improves coverage across all leaf layers, with both low drift and flat fan nozzles.

Superior coverage provides superior protection

Kantor reliably coats and protects the whole leaf/ear.

Adding Kantor to fungicide programmes enhances protection

With many fungicides now limited in their curative disease control, preventative treatment offers the best course of action. Trials show adding Kantor provides the most robust form of protection. Here’s why…

Spraying a water-based solution across a waxy hydrophobic leaf is challenging – your spray solution will always bead on the waxy leaf so it can’t spread out properly. Poor spreading restricts coverage on the leaf so your spray coverage is always inadequate. But, protectant fungicides which do not move on the leaf, must cover the whole surface to fully protect it. Adding Kantor (rate specific to water volume) prevents beading on tricky surfaces and provides the reliable coverage needed for fungicides to work at their best.

Achieve dependable crop protection results with adjuvant Kantor

Kantor showing significant disease reduction in the lower canopy

Yellow rust trial

Significant disease control benefits seen in a range of varieties in 2022 trials

Improved Septoria control on all leaves

Significant improvements in Septoria control

All leaves seeing significant benefits in Septoria control

Mean of 5 programmes - significant reduction in Septoria infection & GLA increase

Another variety - mean of 5 fungicide programmes - significant disease reduction

Significant reduction in Ramularia infection

Benefits seen with yellow rust control

Significant LLS reduction in WOSR

With disease control comes yield & margin gains

With significant disease control benefits, Kantor increased yield & margins

Yield & margin gains with different fungicides

Benefiting yield & margins from T1&T2 applications

Valuable margins gains

Different variety, yield gains once again

Significant reduction in Ramularia infection increased yield & margins

Yield benefits in WOSR

Kantor is a vital addition for dependable weed control

When it comes to contact herbicides, coverage is just as important as it is for fungicides. Contact herbicides cannot move inside the leaf so its crucial coverage is maximised for control to be effective. 

Kantor is well known for its spreading abilities which are particularly valuable for taking care of yield-robbing weeds. Weeds which are particularly waxy, such as fat-hen, or hairy, such as brome, need an adjuvant for dependable crop protection coverage. 

Rapid activity brings better results

Kantor enables faster uptake into plants.

Provides maximum penetration power in the safest way for plants

Kantor is 3x smaller than most adjuvants and therefore increases the packing density of active ingredients at the leaf cuticle more than most adjuvants. This leads to faster penetration into plants, and offers you rapid relief from invading weeds and diseases.

Fast penetration and uptake into the plant is crucial for curative sprays, systemic herbicides and active ingredients such as chlormequat, trinexapac and prothioconazole that are metabolically activated. Adding Kantor to your applications is one of the best ways to speed things up.

This video using UV tracer die, shows just how much more effective uptake is with Kantor (right).

With faster uptake your crop protection can be more effective

Kantor is a vital addition to a PGR programme, especially in high risk situations

Trials continue to show Kantor's weed control benefits in Peas

Improving weed control benefits the crop

Kantor is the perfect adjuvant for sensitive pea crops

Kantor adding visual weed control benefits

With dependable crop protection benefits Kantor adds yield

Achieve dependable crop protection results with adjuvant Kantor

Catchy weather conditions, challenging spraying conditions and crop protection weaknesses all put pressure on your spring workload. But optimising the delivery of your crop protection products to where they are needed is crucial to get the most out of them. Uniquely versatile, highly functional and easy to use, Kantor is your essential partner for unbeatable crop protection results.




Kantor is trusted by experienced sprayer operators to get the best out of products they apply

CPM magazine caught up with leading sprayer operators Steve May and Martin Smart on achieving with adjuvants. You can find out what they had to say about their crop protection challenges and Kantor here.

Kantor is really easy to use. It mixes well and cleans out the can easily, and does exactly what it says it will.

Steve May, Sprayer Operator of the Year 2022

Kantor has become an essential companion for the majority of our applications.

Martin Smart, Wiltshire Farm Manager

Kantor FAQs


Will I still benefit from adding Kantor to a large tank mix?

Yes, Kantor helps aid compatibility so will reduce the chance of mixing problems, help maintain products in solution, and still offer other benefits such as drift reduction and improved coverage and uptake into the leaf.

How does Kantor increase the uptake of active ingredients into the leaf?

The triglyceride structure allows for more adjuvant molecules to line up at the droplet plant interface. The molar volume is smaller than for other individual molecules, hence more stacking at the interface and better trans-laminar mobility in the leaf.

Why is Kantor a safer choice for weed control in sensitive crops compared to oil- based adjuvants?

Oil based adjuvants can improve penetration into the leaf by modifying (solubilising) leaf surface waxes. These can cause injury if applied with a herbicide under less-than-ideal moisture conditions. Kantor’s mode of action is unique – it increases the number of molecules per square unit that are in contact with the cuticle, which increases the number of entry points (like increasing the number of lanes on a motorway), but it does not disrupt the cuticular wax as most adjuvants do.

Will Kantor benefit multisite as well as systemic chemistry?

Yes, multisite products benefit from retention and spreading, maximising protection across the whole leaf. Field trials over the years have shown positive improvements in disease control. Systemic products will be helped into the plant through the gentle penetrating properties. This can be advantageous in cold conditions when cuticle wax will be less permeable, slowing mobility, and in curative disease situations when rapid fungicide performance is crucial to disease control.

Approved for use in over 70 crops

For more information on Kantor please download our latest booklet here or get in touch below.

Kantor is available to purchase through Agrii in the UK.

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