Mar 25 2021

AD4PT Newsletter March 2021

AD4PT Newsletter March 2021

Welcome to the March edition of the AD4PT newsletter – please take a moment to catch up on what everyone has been busy doing!

Our plots are really starting to develop. The winter oilseed rape trials are moving into green bud, and we have been busy leaf and soil testing as well as taking samples for TuYV pressure. Some of the susceptible varieties in the plots are starting to show signs of Light Leaf Spot and we are starting to reach the end of the definitive canopy manipulation period for oilseed rape.

Looking at nutrition, we have been monitoring magnesium, boron and molybdenum in the plots. The team have also been monitoring larvae numbers in the plants and assessing damage from the hard frosts. 

The barley plots are tillering well and moving towards stem extension, some brown rust is starting to show in varying degrees and it’s looking like some very forward varieties may require a proactive PGR.

After a very wet start to the year, our wheat plots are recovering well from being stood under a couple of foot of water and we are seeing varying susceptibility of yellow rust in some of the varieties as they approach GS30 – the T0 timing.

We are very much looking forward to the coming season, as our plots continue to develop further.

From everyone at AD4PT.

Agronomy Thinking – March

Protect seed health before drilling with Interagro’s NEW Phytohormone biostimulant seed treatment Newton

A new phytohormone biostimulant seed treatment from Interagro could help cereal growers boost growth and development after trials have proven its ability to consistently improve seed health and yields. With the best start essential to maximise seed potential, Newton is a valuable new tool in the crop production toolbox to protect seed health before drilling.

Find out more here

AD4PT Newsletter March 2021

Plant health key to resilient crop production – NEW spring guides to help you protect potential

With the seasons becoming more challenging for growers as we feel the effects of climate change, understanding the key threats to plant health and how this can be mitigated is key to minimise stress and keep plants fit and healthy in order to maximise returns later on. Biostimulant Bridgeway has become an increasingly useful tool for cereal, sugar beet and potato growers alike to reduce stress and maximise potential. 

Download your copy of our latest cereal, sugar beet and potato guides here.


ARIZONA – The flexible multi-site fungicide for T0, T1 or T2

As a multi-site inhibitor, ARIZONA (500g/l folpet) is the ideal addition to cereal fungicide programmes this spring thanks to its ability to boost yields by providing cost effective efficacy against septoria, rhynchosporium and ramularia.

ARIZONA’s multi-site mode of action also enables it to protect single site active ingredients (SDHIs, azoles and strobilurins) from the ongoing threat of resistance and can even extend the effective life of partner products.

Find out more here

AD4PT Newsletter March 2021

Optimise the spray delivery process

Harness the full potential of your crop protection programme with Kantor this spring

With increasing pressure on pesticide actives and legislation having an impact on what active ingredients are available to growers, the job certainly isn’t getting any easier for farmers.

Add unpredictable conditions into the mix and, inevitably, yields fall. A powerful all-rounder in the adjuvant space, Kantor boasts a range of benefits to help you reduce disease, mix with ease, and ensure your crop protection is working as hard as possible for your crops and profits.

Find out more here

HORSCH with new products and innovations in the plant protection sector

HORSCH continues to go full speed ahead with regard to innovations and the product range in the plant protection sector. Since the foundation of HORSCH LEEB 9 years ago the company has developed into one of the market leaders in Europe. Plant protection has been a sales driver ever since. Due to excelling technical innovations like the prize-winning boom control system BoomControl and a lot of customer-specific adaption options HORSCH is able to provide every customer with the optimum product for his requirements.

Find out more here

NEW DSV Maize Is A High Performer Ideal For Feeding And AD

DSV’s new LiRoyal maize offers growers in both favourable and less favourable areas the ideal combination of yield, quality and agronomics, says the company’s Michael Farr. 

Although a very early forage variety, LiRoyal has a relatively tall growth habit and a well-formed cob that leads to high starch content, great digestibility and strong yields, demonstrated across a wide range of UK trials, he says.

Find out more here

NEW Group 4 hard wheat DSV Champion tops 2021/22 AHDB candidate list

The new Group 4 hard wheat DSV Champion has topped the 2021/22 AHDB Candidate List with a yield of 105.3% of control for the UK as a whole.

Suited to a range of soil types and growing conditions, DSV Champion is the perfect ‘barn-busting’ choice for all locations and management approaches, says DSV UK’s Sarah Hawthorne.

“DSV Champion is a sound choice for all UK wheat growers with a strong disease resistance package allied to the highest outright yield on the new list combined with one of the best untreated yields at 83% of control.

Find out more here

AD4PT Newsletter March 2021

AD4PT Newsletter March 2021

NEW DSV Duplo oilseed rape combines high class-leading vigour with three-way yield

DSV’s new Duplo oilseed rape has the highest vigour rating of all the company’s new triple layered varieties combining exceptional yields with a feature set designed to protect gross outputs against the challenges of modern-day production, says the company’s Sarah Hawthorne. 

Added to the AHDB Candidate List for 2021, DSV Duplo features an oil content of 46.8% and a yield of 109% for the East and West region plus RLM7+ multi-gene phoma stem canker resistance, turnip yellow virus (TUYV) resistance and pod shatter resistance, she says.

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