May 10 2019

Adjuvant Insight: Getting the most from T2 sprays with Kantor

Optimise the spray delivery process to enhance disease control

After the bone dry Spring, May sees the welcome return of rain showers to thirsty crops, and with it, the potential to move any active Septoria up the plant in Winter Wheat crops. Timely T2 applications will be critical to protect the top 2 leaves (delivering over 2/3 of total yield), particularly in curative situations and to ensure the gap between T1 and T2 sprays does not exceed 4 weeks. The addition of adjuvant Kantor to T2 sprays will help to ensure fungicide applications are both timely and robust. 

When to add Kantor at T2:

In curative situations – Kantor increases penetration of active ingredients through leaf cuticles so fungicides get to work faster

When tank mixing bixafen formulations and chlorothalonil – Kantor reduces antagonism, optimising fungicide uptake, efficacy and yield

With large tank mixtures – Kantor aids compatibility keeping all active ingredients in solution over time, improving crop safety 

With reduced dose applications (for less responsive varieties/situations) – Kantor will optimise fungicide performance, offering sensible insurance at lower rates

Where drift may delay spraying – Kantor reduces drift and improves fungicide coverage on target leaves

For resistance management – Kantor improves fungicide efficacy against a wide range of diseases in cereals, helping to reduce the number of survivors that may go on to develop resistance

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