May 23 2022

Biostimulant seed treatment promises vigorous crop establishment minus the stress

Newton promises vigorous crop establishment without the stress

Crop establishment is becoming increasingly stressful – for both farmers and their crops. Applying a proven biostimulant seed treatment during the drilling phase is one of the best ways to protect genetic yield potential and make sure you get results.

Newton is a natural 100% organic plant-sourced biostimulant seed treatment which not only ensures vigorous crop establishment, it also helps to build stronger, healthier, more resilient plants that will thrive under stress, delivering higher yield and margin gains.

Less stress, more yield

Beloved by growers and crops alike, replicated trials show Newton brings forward seed emergence by several days, and fuels exceptional increases in rooting for better nutrient uptake and resilience against drought and other environmental stresses. Less stress for you, less stress for your plants.

With average yield increases of 5% in winter cereals and 10% spring cereals when compared to those left untreated, all-organic Newton is the natural choice to help secure your yield and margins for harvest season 2023.

Biostimulant seed treatment promises vigorous crop establishment minus the stress

Why Newton is your best biostimulant seed treatment choice for less stress and higher yields

Speeds up crop emergence by several days

Newton biostimulant seed treatment contains crucial signaling peptides that play a fundamental role in the regulation of growth and development and crucially, lead to faster seed germination and emergence.

Newton germination benefits on test:

  • 2 days faster at 7ºC
  • 1.5 days faster at 10ºC
  • 1.5 days faster than Vibrance Duo at 7ºC

On farm, Newton has increased seed emergence by up to 2.5 days, helping to maximise establishment ahead of winter.


Biostimulant seed treatment promises vigorous crop establishment minus the stress

On-farm: seed emerged 2.5 days faster

Biostimulant seed treatment promises vigorous crop establishment minus the stress

Left: Untreated (naked) seed  Right: Newton treated seed. Drilled September, photo taken in November.

Builds stress tolerant plants before winter

Whilst the growing seasons use to be fairly predictable, climate change is putting considerable pressures on farmers and their crops.

The window to establish a fit healthy crop before the winter sets in can be tight. 

Newton speeds up the growth of young seedlings and stimulates deep-rooted, well tillered plants which are much better prepared to cope with the cold, wet stressy winter that may follow. Unique stress-busting peptides help the plant cope better under stress and support higher emergence.


Reduces your plant’s reliance on synthetic fertiliser

Nutritional based biostimulant seed treatments are a great way to ensure the young crop has immediate access to nutrition but can result in lazy roots as they do not have to travel far in the soil to find it.

Newton contains root signalling peptides that build strong robust deep-rooted crops from day one.  

Research at The University of Nottingham has shown Newton increases rooting by a mean 43% and shoot growth by 22%.

Producing stronger, more resourceful plants, Newton puts your crop in the best possible position to access available nutrition and moisture from the soil throughout its life so it is less dependent on high fertiliser inputs.



Newton treated seed with bigger roots on the Gilston Mains Estate in Fife

Biostimulant seed treatment promises vigorous crop establishment minus the stress

Left: Untreated seed  Right: Newton treated seed showing more resilience to drought stress

Grows drought resilient plants

Drought stress can reduce crop yield by as much as 70%.   Establishing a deep-rooted drought resilient crop from the outset is vital to protect yield and income potential.

Stimulating significant increases in root growth, which in turn supports tiller health, research at The University of Nottingham has shown that Newton enables better crop survival in the field when water is withdrawn due to the significant increases in rooting it provides.

Under drought conditions, the research showed Newton increased root growth by 35% and shoot growth by 47%.


Works in harmony with soil biology

Conventional chemical seed treatments on the market can put soil biology at risk.

Newton is the natural biostimulant seed treatment choice for regenerative farming practices to help maximise crop establishment.

Newton is 100% natural and chemical-free and works in harmony with the crucial bacteria and fungi in your soils for a symbiotic soil/plant health relationship.


Suitable for organic growers

Newton is 100% natural and one of the few biostimulant seed treatments for use in organic crops.

Newton is fully approved by Organic Farmers & Growers for unrestricted use and is registered with the Soil Association.


Newton delivers vigorous crop establishment minus the stress

Looking for more information on Newton biostimulant seed treatment?

Download our Newton Booklet here with trials results, testimonials and product information.


Newton is fully compatible with other seed treatments, including single purpose dressings.

If you require technical support, please contact Stuart below.


Newton is available to purchase through Frontier Agriculture Ltd, Anglian Grain Services, McCreath Simpson & Prentice and Messrs Alex Brewster.

Please get in contact below if you have any questions regarding supply and availability or would like more information.

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