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Biostimulant to bridge the way to cropping success

The proven biostimulant to nourish & protect

Power crops to beat stress with biostimulant Bridgeway – the proven amino acid and peptide biostimulant that nourishes and protects – tried, tested & true!

Crop growth is becoming increasingly stressful for you and your crops. A lack of rain at the right time, lack of sunshine at the right time and poor nutrient availability when your crops need it, all add to the strain and put pressure on profit. Whilst we can’t do much about the weather, Bridgeway will help your plants to thrive in a stress situation. Powering early root growth, stimulating shoots, and firing up your plant’s natural defences, Bridgeway nourishes and protects plants so you and your crops are better prepared for whatever Mother Nature has in store!

Bridgeway key benefits:

  • Builds stronger more resourceful plants
  • Maximises nutrient uptake & efficiency
  • Produces healthier crops
  • Grows stress tolerant plants
  • We’ve got the data to prove it
  • Approved for use in organic crops

Builds stronger more resourceful plants

Bridgeway increases the plant’s ability to capture water, nutrients and sunlight

Average of +52% extra root mass & 13.9 cm longer

Rooting research at Nottingham University has shown Bridgeway at 1 L/ha increases rooting by an average of 43% (n=6). At 2 L/ha the average increase has been 52% (n=9). 

The rooting ability of crops has huge consequences on plant health. Plants with a more robust and expansive root system can not only extract more water and nutrients from depth, they also have a greater ability to tolerate the dry conditions in a drought.

Early applications of Bridgeway will increase lateral roots and the root length density of your plants.

Power crops to beat stress with biostimulant Bridgeway

Power crops to beat stress with biostimulant Bridgeway

Biggest improvements in root growth

Research shows that Bridgeway is best in class when compared to other biostimulants of its type.

The trials reveal Bridgeway increases rooting significantly better than Terrasorb and Amino Flo and is one of the best options available.

Bridgeway puts your crops in the best position to cope in a stress

Bridgeway helps plants develop significantly bigger root systems when the resources they need are taken away.

Research conducted at Nottingham University looked at the effect of Bridgeway on plants when nutrients were withdrawn, water was reduced and plants were subjected to temperature stress. Plants treated with Bridgeway grew significantly bigger root systems (up to +49%). Crucially, it means in a field situation, Bridgeway helps plants scavenge deeper in to the soil to find the moisture and nutrients they need when they are in  short supply nearer the surface.

With increasingly hot and dry conditions during the key part of the growing season, Bridgeway puts your crops in the best possible position to cope in a stress scenario.

Power crops to beat stress with biostimulant Bridgeway

Power crops to beat stress with biostimulant Bridgeway

Average increase of +27% extra shoot growth

The studies also show Bridgeway’s significant shoot stimulating abilities with an average improvement of 27% shoot growth at 2 L/ha (n=9) and 20% at 1 L/ha (n=6).

Your crop’s ability to harness light energy is crucial for efficient high-yielding crops. This is particularly true for crops such as spring barley and sugar beet where there is a direct correlation between sunlight capture and yield. 

Early Bridgeway can help increase the size of your green canopy for maximum light interception which it needs for energy production.

Bridgeway supports growth and resilience in a stress situation

Bridgeway increases shoot production (and therefore green canopy size) in a stress scenario.

Deficiency stress is triggered by an imbalance that effects a plant’s physiological activity. This stress limits the potential for the plant to grow and thrive in its environment. A stressed plant, regardless of the type of stress, does not assimilate or transport nutrients as efficiently as a plant not subjected to stress. In addition, the nutritional deficiency makes the plant much more sensitive and vulnerable to other types of stress: cold, frost, salinity, drought, pathogen attacks, etc. 

The research shows that Bridgeway helps the plant through the stress and allows growth to continue. In the field, the bigger canopy means plants can harness more sunlight and create more energy to keep the plant growing stress-free.


Power crops to beat stress with biostimulant Bridgeway

Power crops to beat stress with biostimulant Bridgeway

With more roots & shoots, crops are stronger & resourceful

Applying Bridgeway from early in the season, is the best time to build a strong, healthy and resourceful plant, as this maize plants show. 



Trials reveal Bridgeway can also help if you’re cutting back on nitrogen 

Latest trials show that reducing nitrogen beyond 60% can reduce root and shoot growth but Bridgeway helps plants compensate.

If you’re looking to reduce the amount of bagged fertiliser you apply to your crops, Bridgeway is a great strategy to top-up on lost rooting. In the trials:

  • Bridgeway increased rooting significantly at all N rates – from +39% at 100% N rate to +46% at 30% N
  • Even at 30% N rate, Bridgeway plants had significantly more roots than untreated plants at 100% N

Power crops to beat stress with biostimulant Bridgeway

At reduced N rates, Bridgeway will help boost shoot growth

If reducing nitrogen rates, consider the impact on shoot growth,  as nitrogen can be key, especially in spring barley.

Trials show Bridgeway can help:

  • Bridgeway increased shoot growth significantly – from +30% at 100% N rate to +32% at 30% N
  • At 30% N, Bridgeway plants had more shoots than untreated plants at 100% N

Maximises nutrient uptake & efficiency

Bridgeway helps plants take up more nutrients, and use them more efficiently

Higher macro & micro-nutrient uptake throughout the season

Leaf tissue testing in commercial crops have often shown improvements in nutrient uptake when using Bridgeway. 

In this particular Winter Wheat crop grown in brash Cotswold soils, Bridgeway was applied at T1, T2 & T3 to help the crop cope with the heat and moisture stress of 2018. Regular leaf tissue sampling revealed Bridgeway plants had higher levels of macro & micro nutrients throughout the season. Grain testing at harvest also showed high levels of all nutrients except Copper.

Power crops to beat stress with biostimulant Bridgeway

Power crops to beat stress with biostimulant Bridgeway

Up to 18% increase in nitrogen-use-efficiency

Latest research shows Bridgeway can increase nitrogen-use-efficiency in plants, with N levels in Bridgeway treated plants at 60% equivalent to untreated levels at 100% N. 

The investigation shows Bridgeway from GS12-14 adds significant benefits to cereal crops in both normal and reduced N situations. Chlorophyll was also increased significantly at all rates:

  • 100% N rate: +13% nitrogen in leaves, +9% chlorophyll
  • 60% N rate: +10% nitrogen in leaves, +7% chlorophyll
  • 30% N rate: 18% nitrogen in leaves, +8% chlorophyll

Crops with Bridgeway had 10-18% higher N levels

Bridgeway increased chlorophyll by 7-9%

+28% in late N utilisation

Bridgeway has been shown to increase late N utilisation in Wheat, in both trials and commercial crops.

Increasing the ability of your crops to use N more efficiently can be particularly beneficial if you’re looking to 1. increase yield 2. reduce nitrogen fertiliser. 

In this particular trial, nitrogen was applied at GS30 (60%) and GS32 (40%) applying a total of 120 kg/ha. Bridgeway 1L/ha applied at GS39 increased crop N by 28% over untreated plants and increased yield by 0.42 t/ha.

Power crops top beat stress with biostimulant Bridgeway

Produces healthier plants

Bridgeway supports the defence systems of plants

Adding Bridgeway to fungicide programmes can reduce disease levels

Trials in various varieties have shown that Bridgeway can help your plants fight off disease infection.

Including Bridgeway in programmes from T0 (if not before) is a good time to start supporting your plant’s own defence system.

Benefits seen in 2022 trials in various varieties

Less Septoria on L1-3 - significant at T0+T1+T2

Reduced Septoria on L2-4 - significant at T0+T1+T2

Less Septoria on L2-4 - significant at T0 & T0+T1+T2

Reduced Ramularia infection and increased yield in Spring Barley

Trials with NIAB in 2020 showed disease & yield benefits

Bridgeway has shown valuable plant health benefits in veg crops

Grows stress tolerant plants

Bridgeway helps keep crops stress-free & aids stress recovery


Beat agrochemical stress with biostimulant Bridgeway

Spraying agrochemicals on your crops can cause them stress and impact plant health. Applying Bridgeway prior to or together with your chemicals, can help alleviate the stress.

Trials have shown adding Bridgeway with late season PGR sprays can help safen applications in stress conditions, and also reduce crop lodging and brackling.

In all the trials, adding Bridgeway with the T2 PGR gave the best lodging and brackling reduction.

Power crops to beat stress with biostimulant Bridgeway

Bridgeway can prevent scorch

Applying liquid fertiliser to your crops can scorch the leaves if conditions turn blustery after application. Trials show Bridgeway can prevent it:

  • In 2017 Bridgeway was applied to Winter Wheat as part of a tramline trial. It was a very hot year and Bridgeway helped the crop cope better with heat stress, adding an extra 3 t/ha over the untreated.  The straw was incorporated at harvest.
  • WOSR was then planted in the same field in 2018. The crop was more vigorous where Bridgeway had been applied to the field previously.
  • After the WOSR was harvested, the field was drilled with Winter Wheat and fertiliser applied in the Spring of 2019. The fertiliser scorched the whole field (left side of photo), except the tramline that had been treated with Bridgeway 2 years earlier (right side of photo).

The proven biostimulant to beat stress & build yield in Potatoes

4 years of trials show Bridgeway helps protect potato crops from heat stress so tuber bulking can be maintained

In 2018 trials all Bridgeway applications increased yield

Yield increases seen also in 2019

Stress-busting benefits confirmed for a 4th year

Proven to help crops recover from chemical damage

So what about yield?

By powering your crops and beating stress, Bridgeway can increase yield and margins.

Up to +0.76 t/ha in Cereals in latest trials

+0.3 t/ha extra yield & +£90/ha MOIC in WOSR

+0.15 t/ha yield & +£39/ha margin from a single application

 Valuable stress-busting & biomass gains in Sugar Beet

Bridgeway applied to help combat drought stress.

Bridgeway (left) v Untreated (right). Inner picture taken 4 weeks after T2 application.


Significant yield & margin gains in Sugar Beet

Bridgeway was selected as the biostimulant of choice to help beat stress in this very hot year.

Your best biostimulant option to power crops & beat stress

Applying a biostimulant from early in the growing season is one the most effective ways to build plant health and beat stress naturally. But with so many biostimulant options on the market often with a lack of data, it can be hard to dip your toe in. With the biggest data set behind it, in an extensive list of crops, we’re confident Bridgeway is your best biostimulant option to power crops and beat stress.

Bridgeway can be used in all agricultural & horticultural crops

It is approved for use in Organic Crops by OF&G & the Soil Association.

If you are looking for further information, download our latest handbook here. For technical support, please contact Stuart using the details given below.

We also have an extensive list of case studies.

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