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Case Study  |   Biostimulant   |   Bridgeway

Bridgeway keeps crops growing even in stress periods

Last year was the first time Frontier agronomist, Steven Penrice, experimented with biostimulants. But after it proved to keep crops growing, – despite the severe growing conditions of 2018 – he’s including Bridgeway in trials once again this year.

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Case Study  |   Biostimulant   |   Zonda

Biostimulants could help replace lost ag chemistry

Following the loss of key crop protection chemistry like Chlorothalonil, Agrii agronomist Ed Scaman believes that there will be a greater focus on plant health. In trials, biostimulants have proven benefits to both yield and overall crop health, so could they fill the void?

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Case Study  |   Biostimulant   |   Bridgeway

Bridgeway can lift cereal yields

Frontier agronomist Neil Leech believes Bridgeway can lift cereal yield across his area of Suffolk and South Norfolk, which ranges from light Breckland soils to heavy clays.

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Case Study  |   Anti Drift   |   Crusade

Crusade kept us spraying

For grower Mike Dagg of Crailing Tofts near Kelso in Roxburghsire, there’s no doubt Crusade has an important place in the blight control programme.

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Case Study  |   Biostimulant   |   Bridgeway

Bridgeway helped Sugar Beet recover from herbicide damage

For one Agronomist, Bridgeway was the last resort to save a dying crop of sugar beet damaged by a herbicide contaminated spray tank. That crop went on to produce larger beet that weighed in 16% heavier than the undamaged beet in the rest of the field, with the same sugar levels.

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