Adjuvant Backrow proven in 11 years of trials

Getting the best out of residual herbicides to battle black-grass is becoming increasingly important, and in spray application trials at Agrii, Backrow has proven its ability to improve residual herbicide efficacy by an average of 9.5% in 11 years of trials.

David Felce, regional technical advisor at Agrii explains in this short video, the importance of the spray application process, challenges in optimising herbicide coverage and retention, and why the dataset produced on Backrow – in a range of situations and with a range of herbicide mixtures – is one of the most robust generated.


In Agrii trials over the past 11 years (2009 to 2020), Backrow has improved the control of various grass-weeds by an average of 9.5% – this is the mean of 46 comparisons either pre- or peri-em, and with a range of residual herbicides applied in cereals.



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