Covering the east coast of Scotland, Hutchinsons agronomist, Keith Brand has seen noticeable benefits to vegetable performance as a result of using biostimulant product, Bridgeway.

“It seems to have pretty miraculous effects,” he says. “It’s my go-to product, and in every situation I’ve seen it in – from vegetables to combinable crops – it seems to work brilliantly.”

One particular example of this was in a struggling field of carrots, says Keith. “I had one grower who had a field of carrots that were quite stressed and weren’t doing well at all. I recommended a dose of Bridgeway and it turned them from a disaster to a pretty reasonable crop.

“I’ve also had a few customers use it on struggling broccoli and calabrese and again, it has worked well.”

While fruit and vegetable growers face a number of challenges at the moment – like labour shortages – one of the key concerns is the potential effect of an imminent drought, explains Keith. “So far, it’s a been a fairly normal cropping year, but it will be a big problem if we do get a drought. With Bridgeway’s proven effects in stress situations, this is where using a biostimulant product will come into its own.”