Yorkshire has been featured heavily in the headlines recently after getting hit particularly hard with rainfall and flooding over recent months.

According to East Yorkshire-based Agrii agronomist, Billy Hosdell, this is likely to lead to some complex challenges this spring. “I see an incredibly compressed workload, big passes to catch up on from the autumn and probably some very complex tank mixes on the horizon.”

With this in mind and having tested the adjuvant Kantor before – with some impressive results – Billy says he’ll be recommending it to his growers this season to help aid tank-mix compatibility. “Certain tank-mixes will no doubt get very difficult with so many products in them, but this is where Kantor will be really beneficial. We’ve got naturally very hard water here and I’ve found that including it not only seems to settle the mix, but also boosts the efficacy of the herbicides.”

“I’ve even had some anecdotal evidence from growers that if a tank-mix has gone wrong, tipping in a can of Kantor seems to settle it. It’s a great product.”

With reams of data behind it to back up its claims, Billy believes Kantor will be a no-brainer for many growers this season.

I’ve always been a fan of Kantor. it’s easy to use, it’s cost-effective, and so far I’ve not come across anything that you can’t put with it. It’s a fantastic product.

Billy Hosdell, Agronomist, Agrii