Despite a mind-boggling volume of rain since last October, the winter oats on one Scottish farm in Fife look the best crop of oats the farmer has ever grown, and he puts it down to Newton biostimulant seed treatment from Interagro.

Establishing climate resilient crops, quick out of the blocks is becoming a key objective for many growers, now on the frontline of climate change, with this season alone, demonstrating just how vulnerable farmers and their crops are to extreme weather events.

Optimising plant health from day one – using a proven biostimulant seed treatment – by targeting seeds rather than treating plants, is the number one thing growers can do to achieve a more resilient start, both operationally and economically, and protect genetic yield potential.

Recent seasons have proven just how unpredictable the weather can be which limits everything from sowing to spraying, so by treating the seed, growers are able to take action before they even set foot in the field.


Newton benefits on Andy's farm

  • Faster germination and emergence over naked seed
  • Amazing rooting – the best the farm has ever seen
  • Thriving winter oats out of a hellish winter
  • Thriving spring barley out of a challenging spring
  • Valuable yield insurance

Embracing the benefits of Newton is third generation farmer Andy Baird who is managing partner at Kirkness Farm on the south side of Loch Leven, where he farms 400 acres of turf and arable.

Cropping is down to winter oilseed rape, a winter oat seed crop for Alexander Harley Seeds, and high N spring barley variety Soccer.

“We had all our winter oats dressed with Newton for the first time this season and despite the winter from hell, with horrific rainfall since October and without any warmth, the whole 72 acre field looks fantastically well,” says Andy.

“The crop has rooted amazingly well  – the best I’ve ever seen all the time we’ve been growing oats – and the crop has thrived despite the difficult conditions and with zero yellow patches in the field. So much so, my neighbours have commented at how well the crop looks.”

“Farming is a cruel business if we as growers get timing wrong and the crop doesn’t perform as you’d expect. Well sown is half grown, and for me Newton ticks this box,” continues Andy.

“The weather is our business partner. Sometimes it’s a great partner and other times it can really let you down. In farming we have to be able to take risk out of the system and this is where Newton is a really valuable insurance and gives peace of mind that you’ve done your best for the seed and establishing it in whatever circumstances present themselves.”

Stimulate your plants to thrive from day one

Our Newton seed treatment is the natural, eco-friendly alternative to chemical seed treatment or a great addition to chemical/nutritional dressings if you’re not ready to give up you chemical treatment just yet.

With proven abilities in the field, Newton not only ensures vigorous crop establishment, it also helps to build stronger, healthier, more resilient plants less dependent on synthetic inputs.

Our new guide is packed full of trials data, feedback and info on how to apply and buy Newton – you can download it here.

Please get in touch with Stuart below if you have any questions and need help.