With farmers increasingly looking to promote better establishment within their crops, Paul Huntley – Seed Director at MSP/Simpsons Malt – has seen some positive signs from small-scale trials with Interagro’s new product, Newton.

“Establishment really is one of the buzzwords for farmers at the moment, and anything that can encourage rapid and even development – and has scientific backing – is something worth considering.”

Newton is a phytohormone biostimulant seed treatment that contains a unique blend of signalling peptides and organic nitrogen and has proven to boost seed health and yield.

Mr Huntley trialled the effects of Newton on small wheat plots last autumn and noted a visible difference in top growth where the product was used. “We tested Newton on the variety Spotlight – alongside different seed treatments options – last year in conditions that were particularly difficult from an establishment perspective. But arguably, that is when you want to be able to see the benefits of these kind of products.

“It definitely seemed to give the crop something, despite the challenges, and we noted very healthy top growth.”

Following the early success, MSP/Simpsons Malt are launching Newton commercially this year. “Anything that can help growers is worth looking into, but it is also important to have plenty of trial work to back up the claims. So this year, we’re putting Newton into more trial sites and launching it commercially.

“We have already had modest sales, so there definitely seems to be a market for these types of products.”