As the dry spell continues to pour over the UK, the pressure is slightly off for potato growers in terms of blight. However, with unpredictable seasons becoming the “new normal”, having a robust strategy in place is key, should the tables turn, says John Sarup of Spud Agronomy.

“Blight is an interesting one as no one really knows what each year is going to bring – though you can almost always guarantee some form of blight pressure across the growing season,” he says. “At the moment, we’re not even thinking about blight sprays because it’s so dry. But that could change very quickly.”

When, the time comes to start blight control, John says he will be teaming his treatments with Crusade – an anti-drift agent that helps to remove the barriers that stop blight fungicides performing to their true potential.

“Crusade certainly brings something to the party in terms of how it helps products reach the full canopy.  I started using it two years ago and I’ve found that when you use a fungicide on its own, its not the same product as when it’s used with Crusade. There is a noticeable reduction in drift and better protection to all parts of the crop canopy.”

“If you can add something to a product to maximise its efficacy, then it’s a no brainer to me.”

With proven benefits when used with blight sprays, Crusade will be a significant tool in the armoury this year, says John.

Crusade is the one for me. It’s a fantastic product that really helps to maximise product performance.

John Sarup, Spud Agronomy