Jun 03 2021

Combat temperature stress to protect tuber yield

Bridgeway proven to combat stress in potatoes

As the mercury rises across the country, potato growers are urged to combat temperature stress to protect tuber yield with Bridgeway – a biostimulant that’s proven itself in trials and on farm over the last 4 years.

With a dry spring and ideal planting conditions, we are in one of the top 3 seasons for finishing planting. However, the cold spring and wet soil conditions slowed growth and some crops have just sat there under stress. We are now at the cusp of whether crops produce above average tuber numbers. With warmer temperatures on the cards there is potential for this which may mean some crops cannot bulk properly.

Heat stress, which slows tuber bulking above 20 oC and inhibits bulking at temperatures above 26 oC, is also a likely threat to crops as we head into the summer. Applying Bridgeway will help crops to recover from abiotic stress now and also protect crops from heat stress, enabling tuber bulking to be maintained and higher yields to achieved compared to untreated crops.


Stress-free, higher yielding potatoes with Bridgeway

Combat temperature stress to protect tuber yield

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Find out how best to protect your potato crop from temperature stress and realise its yield potential.

Combat temperature stress and protect tuber yield with Bridgeway

  • Apply 2.0 L/ha at stolon tip swelling and repeat in season to eliminate abiotic stress, stimulate growth and enhance translocation of assimilates to tubers. 3 applications optimal.
  • Stimulates root and shoot growth, increasing nutrient uptake and canopy size
  • Increases chlorophyll concentration, helping crops to harness more light energy which increases the rate of photosynthesis and starch production.

Bridgeway key benefits

  • Protects against cold and heat stress
  • Recovery from frost and temperature stress
  • Maintains tuber bulking in stressful growing conditions
  • Speeds up tuber bulking, enhancing the production efficiency of the crop

Combat temperature stress to protect tuber yield

Bridgeway protection against heat stress well proven in trials

Potato productivity is greatly reduced temperatures above the optimum of 20 oC. The earlier in the season heat stress occurs, the more negative its impact on growth and yield. Replicated field trials 2017-2019 have shown that Bridgeway helps to minimise the effect of temperature and moisture stress on the crop and enables photosynthesis and tuberisation to be maintained even under high temperature stress.

Key findings:
  • All application timings had a positive effect on yield and margins
  • Highest responses achieved from applications made prior and closest to the stress period
  • Higher the rate per hectare, higher the yield response
  • Stress events regularly occur through the season making multiple Bridgeway applications optimal

View the trials results and corresponding weather data here

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