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Your Adjuvant & Biostimulant Experts

Interagro (UK) Ltd is a leading manufacturer of agricultural adjuvants and biostimulants that help farmers achieve more sustainable and profitable food production through superior plant health.  

Trusted by growers and suppliers alike, we’ve been at the forefront of adjuvant innovation for almost 30 years, consistently outperforming competitors to deliver unbeatable results.

Led by a team of industry experts and innovative problem solvers, our agricultural adjuvants and biostimulants give farmers an inherently sustainable way to help improve the productivity and efficiency of crops.


Global Adjuvant & Biostimulant Supply

With a 25+ year history of pioneering adjuvant solutions, Interagro has long stood at the forefront of agricultural innovation world-wide. Today, we proudly supply a wide range of tailored in-can adjuvant and biostimulant solutions through small and large-scale crop protection manufacturers, co-operatives and distributors in 27 countries across the globe. We do continuously seek out opportunities to bring our expertise to new challenges and markets, so do reach out if we can be of assistance. 

Pushing performance to the max

Optimising the efficacy of plant protection products and crop production can be challenging, while increasingly restrictive regulations limit just how far you can go. Increasingly volatile and challenging weather places further significant pressures on you to safeguard crop yield and quality. 

A tough problem requires the strongest, most reliable solution. Our innovative in-can adjuvants & biostimulants can help you push performance to the max:

Unbeatable adjuvants; biological seed treatments; stress-busting biostimulants; efficient water conditioners; dependable soil conditioners; protective pod sealants; anti-drift insurance.



Unbeatable adjuvancy

Challenging targets and application conditions often stand in the way of crop protection active ingredients performing to their maximum potential. We have a wide range of unbeatable adjuvant solutions to help you achieve unbeatable performance:

KANTOR – The unrivalled 1-can adjuvant solution for compatibility, reliability and versatility. Kantor’s unique ability to influence every stage of the spray delivery process make it your perfect match for unbeatable performance.

SORRENTO – The new performance partner for post-emergence herbicides. Powering herbicide mobility across and into the leaf, Sorrento secures reliable control of the toughest of weeds – it’s a sure hit!

SPUR – An organosilicone-based super-spreader that mobilises crop protection sprays across the toughest of surfaces, providing exceptional spray coverage and rapid active ingredient uptake without the need for high water volumes or risk to crop safety. With Spur security you can expect reliable protection from yield robbing pests and diseases, whilst doing your bit for the environment too!

TOIL – A 95% methylated rapeseed oil that powers the delivery of graminicides and contact herbicides through the toughest of leaf cuticles, enhancing herbicide performance and effectiveness. With a reputation to perform and safety second to none, Toil is the trusted adjuvant oil manufacturers recommend and growers rely on to optimise the control of difficult weeds time and time again.

We have a broad range of adjuvant solutions – do get in touch – we’d love to work with you to find a solution to your crop protection performance challenges.

Biological seed treatment

Crop production is becoming increasingly stressful – for farmers and their crops. Applying our biological seed treatment is one of the best ways to protect genetic yield potential and make sure you get results:

NEWTON seed treatment is a natural, 100% organic plant-sourced peptide biostimulant which not only ensures vigorous crop establishment, it also helps to build stronger, healthier, more resilient plants that will thrive under stress, delivering higher yield and margin gains.

NEWTON brings forward seed emergence by several days, and fuels exceptional increases in rooting for better nutrient uptake and resilience against drought and other environmental stresses. 

Get in touch to find out more about Newton and performance on the continent.

Stress-busting foliar biostimulants

The plant health benefits of biostimulants offers growers a chemical-free alternative to growth enhancement, nutrient-use-efficiency and stress mitigation.

At Interagro our class-leading amino acid and seaweed biostimulants, sourced only from plants, are produced with our unique extraction methods that ensure the highest purity and quality for your crops, backed by our rigorous trials and grower programmes. We have a range of biostimulant options available to power crops and secure yield, including:

BRIDGEWAY – The biostimulant to nourish and protect. Providing triple action power to crops through biostimulation, nutrition, and anti-stress action, Bridgeway promotes healthier, higher-yielding crops by stimulating growth, optimising resource-use-efficiency and increasing immunity against stressful growing conditions. 


Efficient water conditioning

Hard water and high pH can cause double digit reductions in crop protection product performance, with glyphosate being particularly affected.

Engineering the water first with an efficient water conditioner will help to maximise crop protection product effectiveness even before the sprayer reaches the field.

Our highly effective water conditioners are specifically designed to sequester metallic ions in hard water areas, and optimise spray water quality, providing the freedom for crop protection products to remain available and stable in the tank, and effective in the field.

We have a wide range of options available, with and without anti-foam and anti-drift. Do get in touch to discuss your requirements. 


Dependable soil conditioning

Are poor soils holding you back? Healthy, fertile soils are the key to vigorous, high-yielding crops. Left overworked and under-managed, your soils may be restricting the levels of water and nutrients your crops have access to, impeding growth and ultimately constraining yields. Applying an effective soil conditioner ahead of planting minimises the risk of degradation, compaction and poor drainage, allowing for stronger, more expansive root systems.

Our AGRIGATE soil conditioner offers dependable soil conditioning, promoting soil health and providing the perfect medium for your crops to flourish. Giving you more aerobic soils with improved water and nutrient availability, Agrigate has also been proven to boost yields by up to 20%. 

Protective pod sealants

Podded crops such as oilseed rape, peas and beans become vulnerable to pod shatter if extreme weather occurs 4-5 weeks before harvest, putting yields, premiums, and volunteer-free following crops at risk. 

The spraying of Interagro’s pod sealants ISKAY (also known as Flexi, Latiss and Vice) and Flexi Strong on to podded crops has become a trusted and reliable insurance policy for growers and agronomists alike to maximise yield and minimise spend in following crops:

  • Reliable yield protection
  • Harvest flexibility
  • Lower herbicide costs
  • Reduced oil penalties

Anti-drift insurance

The delivery of crop protection products to their target site is absolutely essential in order to be able to deliver crop protection active ingredients to where they are needed. This is absolutely essential in potatoes in the fight against blight.

CRUSADE – Is the flexible drift retardant for added reliability and security in potatoes. Crusade helps insure potato crops against potato late blight infection by removing the physical limitations on blight fungicides to work at their best. By manipulating droplet size it helps deliver fungicide down to the middle and lower leaves of the canopy and removes the driftable fines that reduce coverage at the top of the canopy. 

Get in touch for more information and trials results.

Tailormade Solutions

Can’t find what you are looking for? Problem-solvers and innovative solution providers, we’re always seeking new opportunities to bring our adjuvant expertise to bear, across a wide range of crops and climates. Get in touch below and we’ll do our best to help!


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