Dec 20 2021

Kantor – Your perfect match for unbeatable performance

Compatible. Reliable. Versatile.

Secure the efficacy of your crop protection spray programmes with adjuvant Kantor this spring, its your perfect match for unbeatable performance.

With increasing resistance, product revocations and rising input costs, optimising the performance of your investment makes perfect sense. However, challenging application conditions often stand in the way of crop protection active ingredients performing to their maximum potential. Kantor is the unique one-can adjuvant solution for compatibility, reliability and versatility that ensures unbeatable performance of your crop protection spray programmes. 


Kantor key benefits:

Kantor - Your perfect match for unbeatable performance

Download the Kantor handbook here for more info or read on


Tank-to-tissue challenges

Even the best crop protection products face performance barriers that can start in the spray tank. Additional weak spots in the spray delivery process present further obstacles to the optimum coverage and uptake required for effective weed, disease and lodging control that can only be overcome with a suitable tank-mix adjuvant. 

  • Poor mixing threatens efficacy and safety and can be caused by complex mixes, cold water, wrong mixing order, or the water source. Only mixes fully dissolved in the tank perform in the field.
  • High pH spray water reduces stability and effectiveness. Alkaline water can break down some chemicals through a process called alkaline hydrolysis.
  • Poor coverage exposes the crop to weeds and diseases. Spray drift and drift reducing nozzles reduce coverage. Crops and weeds can be challenging targets. High surface tension between the waxy leaf surface and spray water restricts spreading and reduces coverage. 
  • Poor uptake limits success.  Thick waxy leaf cuticles are the biggest barrier to crop protection products and even more challenging in cold temperatures and with very waxy weeds/crops. Some crop protection actives (ie with moderate/high mobility) need assistance from a suitable adjuvant to penetrate leaf cuticles effectively.

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Kantor – Your perfect match for unbeatable performance

Kantor - Your perfect match for unbeatable performance

Kantor is a unique adjuvant that brings unbeatable performance to crop protection sprays by removing the physical and chemical constraints that restrict activity and efficacy. Bringing compatibility to tank mixes, reliability in suboptimal application conditions, and versatility in use, Kantor helps maximise performance and returns.

1. Makes mixing easy, safe and stable

Promotes tank-mixing

Kantor is the only plant protection tank-mix adjuvant with a built-in micro-emulsifying compatibility aid that helps multiple components of a tank-mix to thoroughly mix together and remain thermodynamically stable in the spray tank – even in cold water. By promoting dissolution of all the mixture partners, Kantor prevents sediment in the spray tank, reduces antagonism between products improving crop safety, and increases the bioavailability of active ingredients for maximum uptake and performance. It’s the answer for easy, hassle-free tank-mixing.

Strong pH buffering

Kantor reduces spray water pH, preventing alkaline hydrolysis. This prevents the breakdown of active ingredients in water above pH7, ensuring stability in the tank and applications remain fast and effective in the field.


Excellent drift reduction and deposition

Kantor reduces the number of ultra fine spray droplets prone to drift. It also helps maintain a more uniform droplet spectrum, manipulating droplet size and deposition for optimum coverage and retention. This results in a more targeted application of crop protection sprays to weeds and crop canopies.



Optimum spreading & retention 

Kantor reduces surface tension between the spray solution and the leaf/ear surface, enabling crop protection sprays to spread out and be retained. This optimises the coverage and contact between partner active ingredients and the leaf/ear surface for the best protection you can count on.

2. Coverage and protection you can count on

3. Uptake and security when you need it

Maximum penetration power 

Kantor is the only plant protection adjuvant that can increase the number of entry points at the leaf surface, speeding up cuticle penetration of partner active ingredients into the leaf. Based on a unique patented class of chemistry – the alkoxylated triglycerides – Kantor is three times smaller than most adjuvants which makes it uniquely able to concentrate the number of active ingredient molecules on the leaf surface increasing diffusion into the leaf, for maximum uptake and security when you need it.

4. Perfectly suited to your spring spray programmes

Kantor’s unique ability to influence every stage of the spray delivery process makes it a hugely valuable addition to many of the plant protection sprays you’ll be making to your crops this spring. With multiple herbicides, fungicides and PGRs often added to the spray tank at the same time in busy springs, it’s crucial they mix well together to make sure they perform when, where and how you need them to. With Kantor you can be confident that products applied to the tank are stable, safe and active, and delivered to/inside the leaf/ear where they are needed. 

Key situations to use


Performance in trials

Kantor is a highly versatile adjuvant and as such has been tested in a wide variety of conditions and situations in many crops over the years. You can find some of the trials results in our latest handbook, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for, get in touch with our technical manager below.


Kantor tank-tissue performance confirmed in controlled environment and replicated field trials

Strong pH buffering

Improved dissolution in the spray tank

Bravo no longer approved but shown for demonstration purposes only

Reduction in number of drift prone droplets

Improved coverage with low drift and flat fan nozzles

Significant lodging reduction in cereals

Improved disease control and yields in wide range of crops


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Kantor product information

Kantor is approved for use in a wide range of agricultural and horticultural crops. Download our handbook for a list of crops and latest application timings.

UK stockists: Agrii 


Download our Kantor handbook

Download the Kantor handbook for further information, trials results, approved label crops and how to use.

Download here

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