Jun 07 2021

Kick-start beet crops with Bridgeway

Stimulate beet crops into action with Bridgeway

Some sugar beet crops got off to a slow start following the cool/wet spring, but with temperatures hotting up and the drying of soils round the country, growers are advised to kick-start beet crops into action and manage abiotic stress with Bridgeway – a biostimulant that’s been proven to optimise beet health and push yield and margins.

After a cold, wet and stressful start to the sugar beet season, many beet crops have been slow to get going and are in need of a boost. High yields come from producing a full leaf canopy that intercepts 90% of incoming sunlight as quickly as possible and maintains its greeness right through the growing season.

To achieve this, crops require bright sunny days at 18-25oC in the first 90 days after emergence, and whilst we are now experiencing some warmer weather at last, crops are still on the back-foot and could do with a pick-me-up. With temperatures also starting to soar, coupled with the drying of soils, beet crops could start to come under further stress. Sugar beet is particularly sensitive to abiotic stress, which decreases photosynthesis, canopy expansion, root growth and sucrose accumulations. These implications are already evident in many sugar beet crops now with crops needing helping to get going and make the most of the sunshine.

Applying Bridgeway now will help kick-start beet crops to catch up and manage abiotic stress in the warmer/drier weather.

Kick-start beet crops with Bridgeway

Kick-start beet crops with Bridgeway

Download our latest bulletin here

Find out how to beat stress and maximise tap-root bulking and sugars for higher margin beet crops.

Optimise beet health & manage stress with Bridgeway

  • Apply 1-2 L/ha from 2-4 true leaves to eliminate temperature stress, stimulate growth and provide an energy boost to crops. 3 applications optimal.
  • Stimulates root and shoot growth, increasing nutrient uptake and canopy size.
  • Increases chlorophyll concentration, helping crops to harness more light energy which increases the rate of photosynthesis.

Bridgeway key benefits

  • Builds stress resilient beet crops eliminating threat to yield
  • Speeds up tap-root bulking to maximise yield potential
  • Increases the metabolic efficiency of the crop, leading to higher sugars

For Bridgeway application advice and recommendations, download our latest bulletin here.

Kick-start beet crops with Bridgeway

Bridgeway consistently performs in sugar beet

Tramline trials in commercial sugar beet crops and independent replicated field trials continue to show the benefits of Bridgeway in helping to maximise beet yield and sugars. 

Key takeaways from trials:
  • Above ground visual benefits not often apparent
  • Significant benefits to tap-root bulking in stress and non-stress situations
  • 3 applications of Bridgeway optimal for yields and margins
  • Adjusted yield gains of +23t/ha and >£400/ha margin over input cost achieved on farm


For more on the benefits of Bridgeway and to see our trials results, download our Bridgeway sugar beet guide here.

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