Mar 28 2023

Maximise blight fungicide efficacy with Crusade

Crusade for better blight control

The evolution and development of blight strains over recent years have ultimately forced both agronomists and farmers to be sharper when it comes to blight control. Fungicides have got better over time, but keeping spray intervals tight and product application on-target remains a challenge. Teaming blight fungicide sprays with the drift retardant Crusade, will help keep you spraying in challenging conditions, and maximise fungicide efficacy.

Crusade key benefits:

  • More spraying opportunities
  • Gets more product to all parts of the canopy
  • Proven with an extensive list of blight fungicides
  • Flexible timing allows use throughout the programme
  • Excellent crop safety & easy to use

Provides more spraying opportunities

Crusade increases the ability to spray in marginal conditions 

Significant drift reduction helps mitigate the effects of wind 

Crusade reduces the number of fine spray droplets, smaller than 100 microns, that are the most susceptible to drift, increasing on target application instead of them drifting away.

Growers know all too well, that keeping tight spray intervals is crucial. When timings get stretched, products come under pressure and blight can creep in putting the whole crop at risk. But challenging application conditions jeopardise this when it becomes just too drifty to spray. The addition of Crusade to fungicide sprays manipulates droplet size to such an extent, that the drift reduction can keep you spraying.

Crusade kept us spraying

For grower Mike Dagg of Crailing Tofts near Kelso in Roxburghsire, there’s no doubt Crusade has an important place in the blight control programme.

Mike first started using Crusade in 2017. “Keeping blight out of potatoes is a top priority. Even in marginal spraying conditions it’s vital to keep going, especially with such a huge acreage of potatoes to get round.” 

“There were many days where we couldn’t have sprayed if it wasn’t for Crusade. The drift reduction was really quite significant.” 

Crusade reduces the number of drifty droplets

Research conducted by Syngenta, using laser diffraction, has shown that Crusade reduces the number of drift prone droplets by over 40%.

One of the major issues with drift during application is a gusty wind which moves the spray pattern, even within the width of the spray boom. The consequence is uneven spray deposition, potentially leaving patches under-dosed and more exposed to late blight infection.

The Crusade research, conducted with Revus (mandipropamid), equated to an average 35% improvement in the nozzle’s drift reduction capability when operated at two to three bar, compared to a standard flat fan.  Reducing drift, Crusade targets your fungicide coverage on the crop where it is needed.

Gets more product to all parts of the canopy

Crusade helps maximise protection against blight

Creates more droplets in the size that is optimal for potato application

By physically altering the properties of the individual spray droplets Crusade not only reduces the number of spray droplets prone to drift, it also reduces the number of very coarse droplets which are prone to bounce/run-off from the leaf. 

Research shows that the net effect, are spray droplets more optimal for potato application leading to better coverage and protection to the whole potato canopy. Crucially, Crusade helps to get the optimal amount of fungicide on to the crop for the best protection possible.

Maximise blight fungicide efficacy with Crusade

Crusade is proven to maximise coverage across the canopy & reduce blight infection

Potato blight trials conducted at Eurofins used UV tracer dye to show precisely where the spray droplets were landing in the crop. The dye shows that Crusade helps to maximise coverage to all parts of the crop canopy - the growing point, top leaves, middle and bottom.

Blight trials conducted at Eurofins in 2019 investigated the effect of nozzle type and Crusade on Revus blight control. Using the Lechler IDTA nozzle reduced blight infection compared to the Standard Potato 05 nozzle. Adding Crusade to Revus reduced infection even further. It reduced blight by a further 34% with the Standard Potato nozzle and 47% with the Lechler IDTA 05 nozzle.

Crusade helps maximise protection against blight with flat fan & low drift nozzles

Trials at Eurofins in 2020 showed adding Crusade to Revus reduced blight infection across the whole season, with all nozzle types on test. Applied with the flat fan VPFF110 & Standard Potato 05 nozzle, Crusade reduced blight infection significantly - by 43% and 54% respectively. With the drift reducing Lechler IDTA 05 & Syngenta 3D90 nozzles, blight reduction was reduced by 39% & 41% respectively.

2021 trials revealed a similar picture - adding Crusade helped maximise blight protection irrespective of nozzle type used. The trial also re-enforced that the Syngenta 3D90 nozzle + Crusade is best for maximising blight fungicide efficacy.

Proven with an extensive list of blight fungicides

Crusade can be used to maximise the performance of the whole blight programme

Maximising fungicide performance

Ruairidh Bain has been working with Crusade in SRUC’s potato blight trials since 2014 – “A key feature of Crusade is the maximisation of blight control with a wide range of different active ingredients,” says Ruairidh.

Fungicides Crusade has been used with in trials/on-farm: Amphore Plus, Axidor, Carial Star, Curzate M WG, Hubble, Infinito, Invader, Kunshi, Lieto, Mandrake, Nautile, Option, Percos, Profilux, Presidium, Ranman Top, Revus, Rhapsody and Tizca.


Maximise blight fungicide efficacy with Crusade

Crusade helps get the best out of the fungicides being applied

Four years of trials have shown Crusade helps to maximise Revus performance - 2021 was no exception.

SRUC trials have looked at Crusade with a range of different fungicides, including Ranman Top. Adding Crusade helped maximise performance as shown by the brown line.

Crusade helped to maximise Ranman Top performance throughout the season, resulting in 36% reduction in blight infection overall.

SRUC & Eurofins trials over the years have shown Crusade helps to maximise the performance of Percos.

Applying Crusade with Percos helps maximise protection through the season. In this trial it reduced blight by 17%.

A slightly different trial at SRUC in 2017 - In this curative test Crusade helped reduce blight lesions with Infinito & Grecale.

Flexible timing allows use throughout the programme

Full programme protection

Wide window of application

Crusade can be co-applied with fungicides throughout the season and up to the latest timing of the fungicide, allowing the entire blight control programme to be optimised.

Trials show Crusade helps to maximise blight control at rapid & stable canopy. 

At desiccation, we would recommend switching from Crusade to Toil. Adjuvant Toil will help optimise burn down by increasing product spreading and penetration in to plants.

Excellent crop safety & easy to use

Performance you can trust, without the hassle

Tried and trusted

With an exemplary crop safety record, you can have peace of mind using Crusade.

Over the last 7 years Crusade has been tested in replicated trials with a very wide range of fungicides. On farm its trusted for its safety, drift reduction and the practical benefits it offers growers.

Crusade is an excellent mixer. However, we recommend doing a bucket test if you are unsure about a certain tank mix. Always ensure the spray tank is completely clean before adding products into the tank.

Compatible with a wide range of insecticides & foliar feeds

Insecticides: Biscaya, Gocha, Hallmark Zeon, Laidir and Sumi-Alpha.

Foliar feeds: Calcium, Cropsure Mag TE, Intrafol, Magnor, Master Mag TE, Mobo, Nutriphite PGA, Opte-Phos, Opte Pro and Stop it.

Low dose rate makes for fast & efficient filling

With a recommended dose of just 0.25% of the total spray volume, Crusade is fast to use.

With busy spring spraying schedules and catchy weather to apply them in, the less downtime spent filling the sprayer the better. Crusade has a very low dose rate and handles well so you can be out in the field in no time.

Maximise your blight fungicide efficacy with Crusade


Summary – Key reasons to use

  • The significant drift reduction keeps you spraying in marginal conditions
  • Proven to help maximise the performance of blight fungicides in independent (SRUC & Eurofins) and manufacturer (BASF & Syngenta) trials over the last 7 years
  • Flexible application timing so you can maximise blight fungicide efficacy throughout the programme
  • Fast and efficient handling
  • Excellent crop safety record

Product information & technical support

For further product information, please download our Crusade handbook here.

If you have any questions or require technical support, please get in touch with Stuart below.

Crusade is available to purchase through Agrii.

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