Dec 07 2023

Maximise crop protection performance with adjuvant Kantor

Kantor is the only does-everything adjuvant that gives you the flexibility to maximise crop protection performance when often the weather, time constraints and challenging targets, are working against you.

High-performance crop protection sprays are increasingly vital in keeping yield-robbing weeds and diseases at bay but challenging weather, spraying conditions, incompatibility and other crop protection weaknesses all put added pressure on your spraying workload, reducing its efficacy over time.

Adding Kantor to your spray programmes is the #1 thing you can do to alleviate the issues caused by these pressure points and achieve the superior performance you and your crops need.

Keep reading below to find out how Kantor can help you maximise the performance of your crop protection inputs and optimise the return on your investment this spring. Or you can download our latest booklet here.

Proven Kantor benefits

Enables complex tank-mixing in a single pass.

Creates optimal conditions for spray mix stability.

Extends the spray window for chemical applications.

Provides more effective protection against invading pests, weeds, diseases and lodging.

Improves the efficiency and effectiveness of all products in your tank, including herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, PGRs and nutrition.

Promotes emulsification, improving product mixing and compatibility in the spray tank

Water is not a great carrier for agricultural chemicals. As a charged polar molecule, variability in water temperature and quality can affect how well products dissolve into it.

Extensive testing over the years shows adding Kantor to the spray tank before adding chemicals, speeds up the mixing process and helps traditionally incompatible mixtures to blend together. 

Compatibility studies at Eurofins in 2022 highlighted how Kantor helps tricky micronutrient mixtures dissolve and remain in solution with less flocculation and sedimentation– allowing them to be fully absorbed by plants.

Kantor’s unique adjuvant properties promote emulsification, enabling complex tank-mixing in a single pass.

Eurofins 2022 – Improved micronutrient mixing with Kantor and with reduced sedimentation at base

Maximise crop protection performance with adjuvant Kantor

Photos courtesy of Will Parrott, Evesham Vale Growers


Tank-mix recovery may also be possible

In 2023, a complex 7-way tank-mix application to asparagus proved problematic for Evesham Vale Growers spray operations manager, Will Parrott.

Settling and sedimentation in the spray tank was leaving sprayer nozzles almost completely blocked.

By adding Kantor, Will was able to recover his mix and apply to the crop with no further issues.

Read more about Will’s experience here.

Buffers pH, preventing alkaline hydrolysis

Water may be an essential carrier for your pesticide application, but it can also destroy the active ingredients in your crop protection if its pH is too high.

Many products undergo a chemical reaction known as alkaline hydrolysis in water. The more alkaline the water, the faster the breakdown, reducing absorption into plants.

Kantor buffers spray water to pH6-7, the most stable pH for most of the crop protection products you will be adding to your spray tank.

Adding Kantor to the spray tank before adding your spray chemicals conditions the water by lowering pH, preventing alkaline hydrolysis and creating optimal conditions for spray mix stability.

Achieve dependable crop protection results with adjuvant Kantor

Reduces spray drift and improves rainfastness, buying you time

Spray drift and forecast rain can delay spraying putting crops at risk.

As well as enhancing the rainfastness of applications, Kantor enables more precise and targeted applications by significantly reducing the number of <100 micron fine spray droplets which are the most susceptible to drift. Crucially, this reduces the risk of off-target damage and environmental contamination, while also providing flexibility in scheduling crop protection applications.

Improving rainfastness and delivering valuable drift reduction, Kantor extends the spray window of opportunity for chemical applications, keeping you spraying whatever the weather.

Improves spreading and adhesion, enhancing coverage on target plants

As well as reducing the small “drifty” droplets, Kantor also reduces the number of coarse droplets, creating a more optimal droplet size for improved deposition and adhesion to plant surfaces– as shown by these deposition papers.

What’s more, Kantor’s ability to reduce surface tension and promote spreading results in better coverage of target plants and leaf layers, leading to more effective treatment overall.

Kantor enhances coverage of target plants leading to more effective protection against invading pests, weeds and diseases.

Maximise crop protection performance with adjuvant Kantor

Wageningen University – UV tracer dye showing improved herbicide uptake with Kantor into black nightshade leaf. Image shows uptake 30 hours after application.

Unique penetrating power gets active ingredients working faster

The waxy cuticle on the upper and lower surfaces of plants is the biggest barrier the active ingredients in crop protection have to work against. As plants grow, it becomes thicker and tougher to penetrate. Uptake also slows in cold conditions, which can be disastrous if you’re facing spraying delays.

Research at Wageningen University using UV tracer dye, shows Kantor delivers higher concentrations of crop protection
/foliar nutrition to the leaf cuticle, leading to significantly higher uptake into plants.

Kantor’s unique penetrative power secures rapid uptake into plants, ensuring active ingredients get to work faster for more effective prevention from weeds, diseases and crop lodging.

Recommended use

Based on the unique, patented class of adjuvant chemistry – the alkoxylated triglycerides – Kantor offers the broadest range of benefits of any adjuvant on the market. Uniquely versatile, adding Kantor to your spray mixture gives you the flexibility to enhance the performance of all products in your tank– post-emergence herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, PGRs, and nutrition.


Kantor gives you the flexibility to achieve more from your crop protection

Replicated field trials show Kantor adds valuable efficacy, which in turn, supports higher yields.

More and more growers are turning to the flexibility benefits of Kantor

Amid a constant battle with declining chemistry and catchy weather windows, including Kantor in the spray tank is proving essential for one Wiltshire spray operator.

CPM finds out more – read the article here.

Approved label crops

Kantor is approved for use in over 50 crops, from arable and veg, to fruit and salad. 

Download our Kantor booklet below for the full list of approved crops and latest application timings.

More information and suppliers

Our new booklet is packed full of trials data and info on how to apply Kantor – you can download it here.

For any technical questions and to talk through how adjuvant Kantor could help you maximise the performance of your crop protection inputs, please contact Stuart below.

Kantor is available to purchase through Agrii.

Maximise crop protection performance with adjuvant Kantor

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