Jan 19 2023

Maximise yield with Newton biostimulant seed treatment

Vigorous crop establishment minus the stress

Getting your crop off to a strong start is the first step to ensuring maximum yield. Plant emergence and establishment are the starting points of crop growth and will set the pace for how it performs later in life. But crop establishment is becoming increasingly stressful – for both farmers and their crops. Applying Newton biostimulant seed treatment is one of the best ways to secure vigorous crop establishment without the stress, and protect yield potential.

Newton proven benefits over untreated crops

  • Quicker germination: 2 days faster
  • Rapid emergence: 2.5 days faster
  • Higher emergence: +17% under stress
  • More plants/sqm: +7-12%
  • Exceptional rooting: +43%
  • Abundant shoot growth: +22%
  • Drought resilience: +35% roots +47% shoots
  • Up to 10% higher yields

There’s plenty of evidence to demonstrate Newton delivers vigorous crop establishment minus the stress

Just a few examples below


2 days faster germination

Newton contains stimulating peptides – phytohormones – which trigger germination.

Controlled environment studies at The University of Nottingham shows Newton speeds up seed germination vs naked seed and seed treated with chemical dressings like Vibrance Duo:

  • 2 days faster than naked seed (untreated) at 7o
  • 1.5 days faster than naked seed at 10oC
  • 1.5 days faster than Vibrance Duo treated seed at 7oC

Maximise yield with Newton biostimulant seed treatment

Maximise yield with Newton biostimulant seed treatment

Up to 2.5 days faster emergence

On farm, Newton biostimulant seed treatment has increased seed emergence by up to 2-3 days, helping to maximise establishment.

Up to 17% higher plant emergence under stress

Newton provides an immediate supply of stress-acting peptides that signal the defence systems of plants. 

This together with growth stimulating peptides, helps plants adapt to stressful growing conditions, and rapidly resets the balance between stress resistance and growth.

 In replicated field trials:

  • Newton increased emergence by 7% in October drilled wheat
  • Newton increased emergence by 12% in November drilled wheat (under cold stress)

Maximise yield with Newton biostimulant seed treatment

Maximise yield with Newton biostimulant seed treatment



In 2022 trials assessing components of yield, Newton increased emergence significantly:

  • 4 locations
  • Increases in number of plants per sqm of 4-17%
  • Statistically significant at 3 sites

Up to 43% extra root mass

Newton contains unique root signalling peptides that lead to significant root growth increases from the get-go.

Controlled environment studies continue to show statistically significant improvements in rooting, with an average of 43% additional root mass over naked (untreated) seed (mean of 4 research studies on winter wheat and spring barley).

Maximise yield with Newton biostimulant seed treatment

In replicated field trials in 2022 Newton increased rooting by 18% across all 4 sites where rooting was measured, which was statistically significant.

In our Ad4pt trials at Flawborough Farms, Newton increased speed of establishment and helped all 3 varieties to put their roots down.

Thanks to grower Simon Bayliss at Wincote Farms for sharing his feedback on Newton vs naked seed and seed treated with Beret Gold + Latitude.

Up to 22% extra shoot mass

Signalling peptides in Newton upregulate growth promoting hormones, including auxin, which leads to increased shoot growth and better vigor.

As well as improved rooting, controlled environment studies show statistically significant improvements in shooting, with an average of 22% additional shoot mass over naked (untreated) seed (mean of 4 research studies on winter wheat and spring barley).

In the replicated field trials in 2022 Newton increased tillers per plant by 13-23% across the 4 sites, which was statistically significant.

At 2 spring barley sites, vigor was also assessed, with Newton showing benefits (though these were not significant).

Leaf tissue tests confirm higher access to nutrition

Producing stronger, more resourceful plants, Newton puts your crop in the best possible position to access available nutrition from the soil throughout its life, so it is less dependent on high fertiliser inputs.

Improved resilience to drought stress

Stimulating significant increases in root growth, research at The University of Nottingham has shown that Newton improves drought tolerance when water is withdrawn.

Compared to naked seed, plants established with Newton showed: 

  • 35% more root mass 
  • 47% more shoot mass 


Makes crops more resilient to weather extremes

Whilst the growing seasons used to be fairly predictable, climate change is putting considerable pressures on farmers and their crops. The window to establish a fit healthy crop before the winter sets in can be tight. 

Newton speeds up the growth of young seedlings and stimulates deep-rooted, well tillered plants which are much better prepared to cope with the stressy weather that may follow. Unique stress-busting peptides help the plant cope better under stress and support higher emergence, as shown by this photo, courtesy of Matt Waldie at 4FrontFarmingCo Ltd. You can read about why Matt has integrated Newton across the farm, here.

Up to 10% higher yields

Newton continues to show yield benefits in a range of winter and spring cereals.


Approved by OF&G & the Soil Association

Newton biostimulant seed treatment is 100% natural and chemical-free. It works in harmony with the crucial bacteria and fungi in your soils for a symbiotic soil/plant health relationship. 

It is one of the few biostimulant seed treatments for use in organic crops and is fully approved by Organic Farmers & Growers for unrestricted use and is registered with the Soil Association.

Flexible biostimulant seed treatment

Newton biostimulant seed treatment can be applied to seed like a normal seed dressing, either on its own, or with other nutritional / chemical seed dressings.

It’s ideal for: Regenerative farming systems, Organic systems, Conventional farming systems

Recommended crops: Winter and Spring Cereals, and Peas

Newton is available to purchase through:

We continue to welcome new seed accounts so ask your seed merchant for Newton, even if they are not on the above list.


Newton biostimulant helps maximise our wheat establishment

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