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Sep 16 2021

Prime crops for growth with Newton

Maximise the potential of your winter cereals this autumn with Newton seed stimulant and prime crops for growth. Treating seed with a biostimulant seed treatment to optimise seed health is the best time in the growing season to protect genetic yield potential.

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Sep 10 2021

Backrow reliability & safety – You can count on it!

Take the performance uncertainty and safety risks out of your residual herbicide programme, with Backrow reliability & safety – You can count on it! The addition of adjuvant Backrow pre- and peri-emergence limits weather constraints on herbicide performance and protects crop and groundwater safety, making it a crucial partner for both reliable and safe herbicide efficacy at the early weed control timing.

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Jun 07 2021

Overcome weed control barriers with Sorrento

With a reduced herbicide toolbox this season and challenging application conditions, integrating new adjuvant Sorrento into the weed control programme offers significant benefits to maize growers to help overcome weed control obstacles.

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Jun 07 2021

Kick-start beet crops with Bridgeway

Some sugar beet crops got off to a slow start following the cool/wet spring, but with temperatures hotting up and the drying of soils round the country, growers are advised to kick-start beet crops into action and manage abiotic stress with Bridgeway – a biostimulant that’s been proven to optimise beet health and push yield and margins.

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Apr 30 2021

Your feedback matters to us

As industry experts in biostimulants, your Bridgeway/Zonda feedback matters to us. Share your experience with us and claim a free snood. Whilst stocks last.

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Apr 26 2021

Beet stress this spring with Bridgeway

With sugar beet crops particularly prone to abiotic stress, and an already stressy start to the new season, amino acid biostimulant Bridgeway could be a vital tool for growers looking to beat stress and protect potential.

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Apr 09 2021

Stress free higher yielding potatoes with Bridgeway

Keeping potatoes stress-free is not an easy task, with crops often subject to prolonged stress periods at key growth timings. However, ahead of a new season, amino acid based biostimulant Bridgeway could be the answer to protecting potential, particularly in the early stages.

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