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Sep 17 2019

Interagro recognised in the Parliamentary Review

The Parliamentary Review is a document that shares best practice between policymakers and business leaders. Emma Ralph, Managing Director at Interagro, highlights industry challenges and the significant developments and problem-solving Interagro is taking in response to emerging market needs.

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Aug 20 2019

Improve early weed control with Backrow

For many arable growers across the UK, grass-weed control is one of the biggest headaches in the Autumn and why removing the risks that threaten herbicide efficacy by adding Backrow, shouldn’t be overlooked. With an average improvement in black-grass control of 9%, its worth considering.

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Aug 14 2019

Get your oilseed rape off to a flying start with Bridgeway

With so many challenges in oilseed rape, it’s no wonder some growers are throwing in the towel this Autumn and switching to alternative break crops. For those that stick with it, establishing a crop with get-up-and-go will be crucial, and biostimulant Bridgeway is more than up for the challenge.

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May 15 2019

Biostimulant Insight: Apply biostimulants ahead of crop stress for best results

With the welcome return of rain to many areas of the country, crops and growers will be feeling at least some light relief after the prolonged dry spell, particularly in the East. So what is the impact on biostimulant recommendations and should growers and agronomists continue with planned Bridgeway / Zonda applications now that droughted crops have received a much needed drink?

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Apr 16 2019

Biostimulant Insight: Pushing Potato yields

Following a year of unprecedented weather extremes and challenges to plant health, we take a look at how biostimulants have been performing in potato trials and how they can be used to help optimise yield potential as we head into the 2019 potato campaign.

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Apr 15 2019

Biostimulant Insight: Protecting potential in Cereals

If there’s one thing that can be guaranteed in the life of a crop, it’s that it will experience stress at some point caused by environmental factors or from attack by pests and diseases. We take a look at how amino acid biostimulants have performed in cereal trials and provide our advice for best results in 2019.

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