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Apr 29 2024

De-stress to reduce Ramularia risk

With a stressful start to the growing season for winter and spring crops alike, taking steps to de-stress barley crops with biostimulants, could be crucial to reduce ramularia risk this season in order to safeguard yield and quality potential.

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Mar 27 2024

How to minimise crop stress during the season

Nutrient stress, temperature stress, drought and disease all have the potential to threaten crop performance, but incorporating biostimulants into crop management programmes through the season can help to safeguard yield and protect profitability.

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Mar 22 2024

How to build resilience and sustainability with biostimulants

More and more farmers are considering plant biostimulants in a quest to make their farming systems more resilient & sustainable. But with so many options on the market and with mixed experiences, where do you start? We’ve brought our biostimulant knowledge and know-how to bare in our new Biostimulants Magazine.

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Mar 22 2024

How to maximise crop spraying success with adjuvant technology

The wrong adjuvant can be an expensive extra, but the right adjuvant can be a vital component and incredibly beneficial to the crop protection programme. Learn more about adjuvant technology, how to get the most from it, and how it can help farmers maximise crop spraying success by downloading our new Adjuvant Technology supplement, produced for Direct Driller Magazine.

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Mar 20 2024

How to gain spraying hours and efficacy this spring

With the continuous rainfall now dominating much of March, when sprayers do get going mixes are likely to be big and complex as spray jobs stack up. Adding an appropriate adjuvant to the tank will not only help optimise product performance, it could also be the key to keep sprayers going this spring, according to the latest advice from Interagro.

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Mar 19 2024

How to rebuild plant health with biostimulant this spring

This spring repair, recharge and building resilience are the key objectives for growers seeking to recover plant health in winter crops to prevent a further slide in yield potential – and there’s one biostimulant that’s proven it could bridge the way to success.

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Mar 07 2024

Backup for early weed control in pulses

With the calendar date suggesting spring is just around the corner, and sprayers poised to act as soon as field conditions allow, pulse growers are urged to consider partnering pre-em sprays with a residual herbicide adjuvant to get crops off to a strong weed-free start.

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Feb 23 2024

How to get spring crops resilient and ready

Improving the resilience and readiness of crops for the challenges of the spring growing season is becoming increasingly crucial for profitable harvests, with weather extremes, rising input costs, and loss of authorised plant protection products putting increasing pressure on growers and their crops.

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