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Sep 21 2020

AD4PT Newsletter September 2020

In our AD4PT Newsletter September 2020 edition we take look at some of the critical topics for growers this autumn – optimising herbicide performance, launch of new disc drill, keeping beneficials in mind when tackling pests, and more — including TuYV resistance and new high performance Clearfield OSR.

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Sep 07 2020

Endes joins Interagro to support expansion in EMEA

Peter Endes will join Interagro as EU Commercial Technical Manager in October 2020. A Hungarian national with extensive experience in the biological crop protection market, his role will focus on developing the UK-based company’s international sales and partnerships.

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Aug 12 2020

AD4PT Newsletter August 2020

In our AD4PT Newsletter August 2020 edition, we share our latest thinking on key agronomy topics for the autumn – from varieties to cultivations, drilling dates to stubble cleaning. Plus, find out more about our latest innovations to help optimise establishment in winter crops this coming Autumn.

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Aug 03 2020

Effective stubble cleaning with Volta-Ego

Fast and effective stubble cleaning will be crucial this autumn to help put growers back in control of troublesome grass-weeds. Engineer the water first with Volta-Ego to maximise glyphosate performance. Find out more.

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Jul 16 2020

AD4PT – Allies in Ag

AD4PT brings technology allies HORSCH, DSV, ADAMA & INTERAGRO together in a strategic alliance to deliver new crop production thinking to UK growers. Find out more.

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Jul 01 2020

Maximise blight protection at stable canopy

With many potato crops now entering the period of stable canopy, alongside the return of wetter humid weather, blight risk to crops is high. Drift retardant Crusade will help to maximise protection and prevent blight infection.

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Jun 15 2020

Harness maize potential

After a frosty start to some maize crops last month, optimising plant health now by taking care of any remaining weeds and promoting root health to access moisture and nutrition, will ensure maize potential can be fulfilled as we move into more optimum temperatures and sunny conditions. Find out more.

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Jun 15 2020

Stress-busting in sugar beet

With the record breaking drought conditions of May and below average rainfall so far in June, sugar beet crops have struggled to get off to the best start. Stress-busting biostimulants Bridgeway and Zonda will help boost beet health and recover potential. Find out more.

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Jun 12 2020

Team T3 sprays with Kantor

The shift to warm showery conditions not only brings welcome relief to parched winter wheat crops, it also heightens the threat of fusarium and foliar diseases that may be lurking in the base of crops. An effective T3 fungicide application, teamed with adjuvant Kantor could be vital to protect at risk crops where potential needs preserving.

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Jun 12 2020

Bridging the wheat quality gap

After one of the toughest seasons in living memory for growers, biostimulants Bridgeway and Zonda may offer a last ditched attempt to salvage profitability by reducing stress and building grain quality as wheat growth moves from construction to reproduction.

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