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Jan 19 2023

Maximise yield with Newton biostimulant seed treatment

Plant emergence and establishment are the starting points of crop growth and will set the pace for how it performs later in life. But crop establishment is becoming increasingly stressful – for both farmers and their crops. Applying Newton biostimulant seed treatment is one of the best ways to secure vigorous crop establishment without the stress, to protect yield potential.

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Oct 18 2022

Maximise Phoma control with Kantor

Phoma infection risk is reported to be high in early drilled oilseed rape crops, so now is the time to start monitoring crops to manage early Phoma risk. Trials show Phoma control can be maximised with Kantor in the tank. 

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Oct 04 2022

Top tips for optimising efficacy of pre-ems

If you’re battling black-grass, it’s likely you’re currently trying to hold your nerve and resist drilling cereals until at least mid-October. But, delayed drilling heightens the threat of suboptimal weather conditions that can chip away at the performance of even the strongest residual herbicide solutions/programmes. Here’s our top tips to reduce risk and ensure it’s top-performing.

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Mar 23 2022

Biostimulant Bridgeway proven to combat heat stress in potatoes

Independent field trials have shown for a 4th year that amino acid + peptide biostimulant Bridgeway helps to combat the effects of heat stress in potato crops, enabling photosynthesis and tuberisation to be maintained. Importantly for growers it helped secure yield with significant increases and margin gains over untreated crops achieved in all the trials over the 4 years.

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Jan 31 2022

Power crops, secure yield with Bridgeway

Bridgeway is the leading amino acid and peptide biostimulant that promotes healthier, higher-yielding crops by stimulating growth, optimising resource-use-efficiency and increasing immunity against stressful growing conditions.

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Jan 17 2022

Seasonal technical bulletins – download now

Here you’ll find our seasonal technical bulletins helping you to push the performance of your crop protection inputs and optimise plant health. From adjuvants to anti-drift, biostimulants to water conditioners – we’ve got you covered!

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Dec 20 2021

Kantor – Your perfect match for unbeatable performance

Challenging application conditions often stand in the way of crop protection active ingredients performing to their maximum potential. Kantor is the unique one-can adjuvant solution for compatibility, reliability and versatility – your perfect match for unbeatable performance.

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Sep 16 2021

Prime crops for growth with Newton

Maximise the potential of your winter cereals this autumn with Newton seed stimulant and prime crops for growth. Treating seed with a biostimulant seed treatment to optimise seed health is the best time in the growing season to protect genetic yield potential.

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Sep 10 2021

Backrow reliability & safety – You can count on it!

Take the performance uncertainty and safety risks out of your residual herbicide programme, with Backrow reliability & safety – You can count on it! The addition of adjuvant Backrow pre- and peri-emergence limits weather constraints on herbicide performance and protects crop and groundwater safety, making it a crucial partner for both reliable and safe herbicide efficacy at the early weed control timing.

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