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Apr 28 2020

3 year review of Bridgeway in Potatoes

Keeping potato crops stress free is not an easy job but one that is essential to protect yield. In 3 years of field trials with CMI Ltd, Bridgeway helped fight stress and increased potato yields significantly. Learn more.

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Apr 22 2020

Reduce disease, mix with ease

With challenging application conditions this spring, and the use of large complex tank mixtures to save time, adjuvant Kantor could be a vital addition to optimise efficacy and protect crop safety.

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Apr 14 2020

Be prepared for stress with Bridgeway

With the dry spell starting to raise questions over whether a drought may be on the horizon, optimising biostimulant products can help vegetable growers prepare for any potential stress ahead.

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Mar 25 2020

Interagro response to coronavirus

Whilst the coronavirus situation continues to evolve, commitment to our customers is as strong as ever and we remain focused on delivering the solutions and expertise you have come to expect from Interagro.

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Sep 17 2019

Interagro recognised in the Parliamentary Review

The Parliamentary Review is a document that shares best practice between policymakers and business leaders. Emma Ralph, Managing Director at Interagro, highlights industry challenges and the significant developments and problem-solving Interagro is taking in response to emerging market needs.

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Aug 20 2019

Improve early weed control with Backrow

For many arable growers across the UK, grass-weed control is one of the biggest headaches in the Autumn and why removing the risks that threaten herbicide efficacy by adding Backrow, shouldn’t be overlooked. With an average improvement in black-grass control of 9%, its worth considering.

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Aug 14 2019

Get your oilseed rape off to a flying start with Bridgeway

With so many challenges in oilseed rape, it’s no wonder some growers are throwing in the towel this Autumn and switching to alternative break crops. For those that stick with it, establishing a crop with get-up-and-go will be crucial, and biostimulant Bridgeway is more than up for the challenge.

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