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May 15 2019

Biostimulant Insight: Apply biostimulants ahead of crop stress for best results

With the welcome return of rain to many areas of the country, crops and growers will be feeling at least some light relief after the prolonged dry spell, particularly in the East. So what is the impact on biostimulant recommendations and should growers and agronomists continue with planned Bridgeway / Zonda applications now that droughted crops have received a much needed drink?

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Apr 16 2019

Biostimulant Insight: Pushing Potato yields

Following a year of unprecedented weather extremes and challenges to plant health, we take a look at how biostimulants have been performing in potato trials and how they can be used to help optimise yield potential as we head into the 2019 potato campaign.

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Apr 15 2019

Biostimulant Insight: Protecting potential in Cereals

If there’s one thing that can be guaranteed in the life of a crop, it’s that it will experience stress at some point caused by environmental factors or from attack by pests and diseases. We take a look at how amino acid biostimulants have performed in cereal trials and provide our advice for best results in 2019.

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Feb 22 2019

Stress levels: Fighting abiotic stress with amino acid biostimulants

Just how essential are individual amino acids in helping plants cope with environmental stress? Taking a close look at the effects of amino acid biostimulants on early root and shoot growth in winter wheat and spring barley, we explore the role some of the key amino acids play in resilience, yield, and overall plant health.

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Feb 21 2019

Pushing performance with amino acid biostimulants

Could amino acids be one of the most overlooked assets in plant nutrition? We look at how supplementing the crop with amino acid biostimulants in-season not only boosts plant health and development, but can also help crops reach their genetic yield potential.

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