May 20 2021

Plan for late season PGRs with Kantor/Zonda

Optimise protection with Kantor/Zonda

Following the sudden growth in cereal crops in recent weeks, growers are urged to plan  robust late season PGRs with Kantor/Zonda in the mix.

With the much needed rain finally arriving to many parts of the country, winter and spring cereals are likely to put on significant late season growth in response to nitrogen becoming more available. 

However, with 100% spring barley varieties, 82% winter wheat varieties and 62% of winter barley varieties on the Recommended List with a Lodging Resistance score of 7 or less, careful planning will be required to evaluate lodging risk and the need for late season ethephon protection. This will be particularly important where:

  • Crops were drilled at high seed rates
  • PGR was omitted earlier in the programme or rates were reduced
  • Crops are stressed
  • Conditions become hot and dry at application – this will stress the crop and may reduce yield, but without it, crops could be at risk of lodging/brackling if wet weather follows

Therefore, effective late season PGRs are likely to be an important requirement this season and it will be important to optimise their performance. Kantor and Zonda are ideal partners to help get the most from the application whatever the weather.

Get the most from your PGR programme


Adjuvant Kantor is an indispensible PGR partner in COOL & WET application conditions

Include at 0.15% of the final spray volume to optimise PGR uptake for more effective shortening.

Active across the tank mix, so you’ll be optimising the performance of all components applied to the crop e.g. fungicide for disease control.

Kantor key benefits
  • More robust protection against lodging and brackling
  • Increases speed of uptake for rapid protection, safely
  • Improves effectiveness of partner fungicides for the highest levels of disease protection 

Biostimulant Zonda is the perfect partner in HOT & DRY application conditions

Include at 1.0 L/ha to help further reduce crop height and eliminate ethlyene induced stress on the crop

Promotes pollination, increasing grain fill                          Increases chlorophyll concentration, increasing rate of photosynthesis

Zonda key benefits
  • Strengthens protection against lodging and brackling, but without the yield penalty
  • Helps prevent abortion of grain sites in adverse conditions
  • Valuable energy boost at the critical yield-building phase

Performance you can rely on

The ability of both Kantor and Zonda to improve PGR performance and reduce lodging / brackling is well proven in trials.

Prepare for late season PGRs with Kantor/Zonda

Why Zonda?

Hear why from David Felce, technical advisor at Agrii.

For more information

Download our latest T2 PGR bulletin here

Or for additional trials results and general information download our product guides:

Download Kantor here

Download Zonda here

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