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Soil Conditioner


Improving soil health

Agrigate is a superior soil conditioner designed to alleviate the effects of soil compaction, poor soil quality and improve water and root infiltration through the soil profile.



Key situations in which to use Agrigate

  • Poor soil structure and plants exhibiting poor/slow emergence
  • Poor rooting as a result of compaction
  • Crops struggling to access nutrients and water due to compaction
  • Uneven plant growth, poor yields

Improving soil health

Key benefits

Alleviates compaction, improving soil structure

Enables water, nutrients and crop roots to permeate deeper into the soil profile

Improves crop growth and emergence

Value in use

Increases earthworm activity, improving soil health

Enables crops to access water and nutrients at depth by increasing critical root length density

Improves crop establishment, crop growth and yield

How to use Agrigate

  • For best results, apply Agrigate to moist soils. Where soils are dry, delay application until rain is forecast
  • Apply immediately before or after drilling, but before crop emergence
  • Add Agrigate to the spray tank first after water
  • Apply in a minimum of 200 litres of water per hectare
  • Agrigate is compatible with a wide range of herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and trace elements

Application rate per hectare

Light / very light soils: apply 500 mls/ha. Medium to heavy soils: 2 applications of 500 mls/ha. Heavy soils: 1,000 mls/ha

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