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    • Toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects

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Rapid protection

Arma is an adjuvant designed for use in a wide range of crops to optimise the application and uptake of crop protection inputs, improving both performance and overall yield. Integrating Arma into crop protection programmes also offers a valuable tool for resistance management by improving efficacy and minimising survivors.

pH Buffering

pH Buffering







Key situations in which to use Arma

  • With post-emergence herbicides, plant growth regulators and fungicides to optimise performance
  • With spray water above pH6, to buffer water and prevent alkaline hydrolysis
  • Where using crop protection products such as sulfonyl urea herbicides and chlormequat impacted by cold temperatures to kick start activity
  • Where spray target is difficult to penetrate e.g. waxy leaf; hairy leaf; small leaf e.g. barley, brome, wheat ear, small weed
  • Where pesticide applications have been delayed and need rapid uptake into the leaf
  • With active ingredients that are metabolically activated inside the leaf - faster the uptake, faster it starts working

Optimised delivery for rapid protection

Key benefits

Prevents pesticide breakdown in the spray tank with high pH water - 6 ideal for most pesticides

Improves coverage on the leaf

Improves uptake into the leaf

Value in use

Increases the availability of crop protection active ingredients for uptake into the leaf at high pH

Increases the area of the leaf covered with the herbicide | Protects the whole leaf from disease

Faster uptake into the leaf, the faster weed/disease/plant growth regulation takes place

How to use Arma

  • Compatible with all crop protection products
  • Add Arma to the spray tank first after water

Application rate per hectare

0.1% of the final spray volume

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