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Water Conditioner


Optimising spray water quality

The characteristics of water used in the spray tank can have a profound influence on the effectiveness of crop protection products. Hard water and high pH can be detrimental to the performance of crop protection products by preventing uptake into leaves. Assist is a water conditioner for use with selective and non-selective herbicides to improve spray water quality by softening and buffering spray water to pH6-6.5, in order to optimise herbicide uptake and performance.

pH Buffering

pH Buffering





Key situations in which to use Assist

  • With selective and non-selective herbicides to maximise performance
  • With spray water above pH6, to buffer and prevent alkaline hydrolysis
  • In hard water areas to soften water and prevent hard water cations "locking up" the herbicide
  • To avoid the build up of scum in the spray tank

Optimising spray water quality

Key benefits

Prevents herbicide breakdown in the spray tank with high pH water - pH6 is ideal for most pesticides

Prevents hard water cations "locking up" the herbicide which prevent the absorption into leaves

Prevents the formation of scum on the walls of the spray tank

Value in use

Maximises herbicide availability for uptake into the leaf for effective weed control

Maximises herbicide absorption into weeds increasing the reliability and number of weeds controlled

Avoids unnecessary downtime cleaning the spray tank, increasing efficiency on farm

How to use Assist

  • For use with all selective and non-selective herbicides
  • Add Assist to the spray tank first after water

Application rate per hectare

0.25% of the final spray volume

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