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Backrow Max

Takes residual herbicide performance to the max

Backrow Max is a new specialist activator adjuvant designed to power residual herbicide performance in the toughest of weather and application conditions, helping to take down yield-robbing weeds once and for all. Based on the UK’s leading residual herbicide adjuvant Backrow, Backrow Max offers all the same tried and trusted benefits growers and agronomists have come to expect from Backrow, in a tweaked formulation that makes for a cleaner label and meaner weed control. It's more environmentally friendly, it's top-performing, it's your best safety net. Click here for our latest information & trials results.



Designed purely to reduce drift and maximise coverage



When to use Backrow Max

  • With all pre- and peri-emergence herbicides to optimise early weed control
  • To reduce drift, thereby increasing herbicide coverage and deposition across the soil
  • With drift reducing nozzles to optimise coverage
  • Applications to dry soils to optimise herbicide uptake
  • Applications to wet soils to increase herbicide retention in the weed zone, particularly in light soils
  • When prolonged rain is forecast after application
  • Where crop safety may be of concern to minimise chemical leaching to the crop
  • To reduce chemical leaching to groundwater

Take herbicide performance to the max

Key benefits

Optimises herbicide coverage & deposition across the soil

Backrow Max significantly reduces the number of fine spray droplets smaller than 100 microns which are the most susceptible to drift, and increases the number of droplets in the optimum size range for improved deposition and optimum spray coverage of the soil.

Lowers dependency on rainfall for activation & uptake

Likened to rain in a can, Backrow Max increases moisture retention in the top 5cm of the soil, reducing dependency on rainfall for herbicide activation and uptake into weeds. Research in The Netherlands has shown that Backrow Max can increase moisture retention by as much as 30%.

Creates a stronger barrier to emerging weeds in wet soils

Retaining significantly more herbicide in the top 5cm of the soil compared to herbicides applied alone, adding Backrow Max ensures a longer and more concentrated presence of the herbicide in the weed germination zone in wet soils, creating a stronger barrier to emerging weeds.

Reduces chemical leaching in wet soils

Backrow Max increases herbicide retention in the upper soil profile, reducing chemical leaching to crop seed and groundwater lower down. Research in the Netherlands has shown that Backrow Max can reduce chemical leaching by as much 60%.

Value in use

More targeted application

Adding Backrow Max creates the perfect size spray droplets for pre- and peri-emergence herbicides to work at their best. Spray application tests in trials and on-farm with a range of nozzle types, have shown that a combination of drift reducing nozzles and Backrow Max offers the best approach for the optimal targeting of residual herbicide applications to block germinating weeds.

Superior performance in dry soils

With increasingly dry conditions at drilling, Backrow Max gives your herbicide the best possible chance of performing to its potential. Retaining higher moisture levels in the soil, which in turn increases herbicide activation and uptake in to weeds, research and trials have shown that Backrow Max improves the performance of residual herbicides in dry soils and can benefit weed control by as much as 20%.

Superior performance in wet soils

Pre-emergence herbicides and their active substances often require additional support from an effective adjuvant to keep them in the weed germination zone (the top 5cm) in wet soils. With excessive rainfall, even herbicides with low mobility such as pendimethalin, can be lost, particularly in light soils, leading to poor weed control. Creating a stronger barrier to emerging weeds in wet soils, Backrow Max ensures superior herbicide performance, despite the weather, for the ultimate weed free start.

Protects crops and groundwater in wet soils

Herbicide leaching from the top 5cm of the soil can become problematic with the stacking of residual herbicides late in the autumn, when soils become saturated with prolonged spells of heavy rain. Herbicides with high mobility pose the biggest threat to crops and groundwater, particularly in light soils. Backrow Max adds valuable protection to crop and groundwater safety by minimising chemical loss from the weed zone.

How Backrow Max works

Drift reduction

Reduces drift

Backrow Max reduces spray drift significantly by reducing the number of droplets <100 microns which are prone to drift. It also improves deposition and coverage by improving spraying uniformity at the nozzle. This improvement in coverage maximises the number of weeds coming into contact with the herbicide at germination, leading to an increase in the number of weeds controlled.

Backrow Max

Increases moisture & herbicide retention

Backrow Max improves herbicide and moisture retention in the top 5cm of the soil. This increases the longevity of weed control by up to 8 weeks and increases herbicide performance in dry soils. By retaining the herbicide in the top 5cm of the soil, away from the root zone of the crop, Backrow Max also improves crop safety and helps to prevent the leaching of all subsequent crop protection inputs to groundwater.

Backrow Max

Backrow Max in trials

Up to +22% black-grass control in suboptimal conditions

How to use Backrow Max

  • Backrow Max is approved for use in an extensive range of crops - for a full crops list, request our product guide below
  • Backrow Max can be used with all residual herbicides up to the latest timing of the herbicide
  • Backrow Max is recommended for use at both the pre- and peri-emergence spray timings
  • Backrow Max is suitable for use in all soil types except pure sand
  • Backrow Max is available to purchase through Agrii from Autumn 2022. For more information on Backrow Max, request a copy of our guide below or get in touch with Stuart below.

Application rate per hectare

Autumn rate 0.2 L/ha Spring rate 0.4 L/ha

Request a Backrow Max product guide

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