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For reliable and safe weed control

Take the performance uncertainty and safety risks out of your residual herbicide programme with Backrow’s reliability & safety – You can count on it! Pre-emergence residual herbicides have become vital in the war against black-grass and other hard to control grassweeds such as ryegrass and brome spp. Achieving the best results is essential to minimise population growth and the threat of further weed resistance, but like most aspects of crop production, their performance is highly dependant on the weather. The addition of adjuvant Backrow pre- and peri-emergence limits weather constraints on herbicide performance and protects crop and groundwater safety, making it a crucial partner for both reliable and safe herbicide efficacy at the early weed control timing.



Designed purely to reduce drift and maximise coverage



Key situations in which to use Backrow

  • With all pre-/peri-emergence herbicides to optimise early weed control
  • To prevent drift, thereby increasing herbicide dose and coverage on the target
  • With drift reducing nozzles to improve coverage
  • Where soil:herbicide contact can be hard to achieve and better coverage is needed
  • To retain herbicide in the top 5cm of the soil to kill germinating weeds
  • On light soils to prevent leaching (except pure sand)
  • With herbicides such as metazachlor which are prone to leaching
  • To optimise herbicide performance in dry soils

Powering effective weed control

Key benefits

Reduces spray drift, improves deposition

Backrow creates the perfect size spray droplets for pre- and peri-emergence herbicides to work at their best. It reduces the number of fine spray droplets smaller than 100 microns which are the most susceptible to drift, and increases the number of droplets in the optimum size range for improved deposition and optimum spray coverage of the soil. Backrow increases the number of touchpoints with germinating weeds, ensuring fewer survivors.

Improves herbicide retention in wet soils

Backrow helps retain herbicides in the top 5cm of the soil, creating a barrier to emerging weeds. This can be a life line for herbicides in wet soils that otherwise can be lost, especially in light soils. A longer presence and increased concentration of herbicide in the top 5cm of the soil results in a higher uptake of herbicide into the roots of germinating weeds and leads to more effective weed control in wet soils.

Improves moisture retention

Backrow retains moisture in the top 5cm of soil, improving the efficacy of residual herbicides in dry conditions. By “holding on” to soil moisture, a higher concentration of herbicide can be dissolved in the soil water and available for uptake into germinating weeds, rather than being bound to soil colloids. Backrow adds valuable performance in dry soils.

Improves herbicide retention, preventing loss to crops and groundwater

Backrow improves safety by minimising herbicide movement beyond the weed germination zone to the crop seed and emerging shoots. Backrow is therefore a crucial safener for herbicides that can be lost with excessive rainfall, and is particularly valuable when used with residual stacks to protect crop safety. Backrow is a very valuable stewardship tool for mobile herbicides which can be leached to groundwater in very wet conditions.

Value in use

More targeted and effective herbicide coverage to soils, ensuring fewer weeds emerge

Backrow increases the number of weeds coming into contact with the herbicide at germination. This increases the number of weeds that will be controlled, both reducing seed return and improving crop competition and overall yield.

Prevents the loss of herbicides beyond the weed germination zone, ensuring more effective weed control in wet soils

Whilst herbicides with high mobility are less dependent on rainfall for “activation”, with excessive rainfall, even herbicides with low mobility can be lost beneath the weed germination zone, particularly in light soils, leading to poor weed control. Pre-emergence herbicides and their active substances often require additional support from an effective adjuvant to keep them in the weed germination zone. Research conducted by the Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation in Poland in 2021 showed that adjuvants vary greatly in their influence on herbicide retention and Backrow was the top performer.

Improves herbicide performancel in dry soils

Whilst it is not advisable to apply residual herbicides in dry conditions, sometimes there's no other option due to the risk of not getting the spray on at all. In other situations, it may just be that the herbicide went on in good conditions and suddenly soils have become dry due to prolonged, hot dry days. Backrow will improve weed control in these situations.

Crucial safener to crops and groundwater in wet soils, particularly with the use of residual stacks

By keeping herbicides and other crop protection products away from the crop root zone, Backrow improves crop safety, which can sometimes be a concern in very wet soils in autumn. Backrow is also a valuable water stewardship measure for herbicides and other crop protection products that may have a tendency to leach through the soil.

How Backrow works


Reduces spray drift

Backrow reduces spray drift significantly by reducing the number of droplets <100 microns which are prone to drift. It also improves deposition and coverage by improving spraying uniformity at the nozzle. This improvement in coverage maximises the number of weeds coming into contact with the herbicide at germination, leading to an increase in the number of weeds controlled.

Retains herbicide and moisture in top 5cm of soil

Backrow improves herbicide and moisture retention in the top 5cm of the soil. This increases the longevity of weed control by up to 8 weeks and increases herbicide performance in dry soils. By retaining the herbicide in the top 5cm of the soil, away from the root zone of the crop, Backrow also improves crop safety and helps to prevent the leaching of all subsequent crop protection inputs to groundwater.

Powering effective weed control

Mean +9% Black-grass control
Drift reduction
Improved coverage
Improved moisture retention
Improved herbicide retention
Improved crop safety
Benefits in peas & beans
Benefits in potatoes
Case Study  |  Adjuvant

Backrow creates barriers against weed burdens

Agronomist Stuart McDowall, based in North Lincs, will be looking to adjuvant Backrow this spring for it's crop safety, environmental and weed control benefits.

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Case Study  |  Adjuvant

Backrow improves herbicide performance

Agrii agronomist, Matthew Clark, believes the addition of adjuvant Backrow to the residual mix of herbicides has an important role to play in improving herbicide performance.

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Case Study  |  Adjuvant

Backrow driving improved grass-weed control in Scotland

Despite developing grass challenges on the Scottish borders, agronomist Greig Baird from Agrii has seen encouraging results adding our Backrow adjuvant to the pre-emergence mix.

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Case Study  |  Adjuvant

Crop safety improvements with Backrow and Kantor

With an exacerbated workload and saturated soils, agronomist John Mason will be looking to Backrow to optimise annual meadow-grass control by helping to retain pre-emergence herbicides in the top 5cm of the soil.

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Case Study  |  Adjuvant

Extra control from Backrow and Kantor

With spring crops going into poor ground conditions, agronomist Greg Taylor will be recommending adjuvant Backrow this spring to improve herbicide coverage, improve retention and protect crop safety.

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How to use Backrow

  • Backrow is approved for use in over 60 crops. For a full list of crops, please request a copy of our product guide below
  • For use with all residual herbicides applied pre and peri-emergence
  • Effective in dry soils but for best results apply in the presence of moisture
  • For use in all soil types except pure sand
  • Add Backrow to the spray tank first after water
  • For more information on how to use Backrow and to see independent trials results, request a copy of our product guide below
  • Backrow is available to purchase through Agrii

Application rate per hectare

Autumn rate 0.2 L/ha Spring rate 0.4 L/ha

Request a Backrow product guide

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