• Danger:

    • Causes skin irritation

  • Danger:

    • May be fatal if swallowed and enters airways

    • Causes serious eye damage

    • May cause damage to lungs through prolonged or repeated exposure

  • Danger:

    • Toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects.

  • Danger:

    • May cause drowsiness or dizziness

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Pack Size: 3L

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Superior virus protection

Keeping all sources of aphid borne virus to a minimum is essential in the production of a healthy seed potato crop to avoid rejection. With resistance to pyrethroids widespread, and mild winters/warm springs causing fast build up of aphid populations if left unmanaged, good spray coverage with a robust insecticide programme at tight spray intervals in-season are key requirements to prevent virus transmission. Banka is a sticking and penetrating adjuvant specifically designed to help optimise coverage and uptake leading to reliable improvement in insecticide efficacy and superior virus protection.







Key situations in which to use Banka

  • With all insecticide sprays in potatoes up to tuber initiation to improve efficacy
  • With insecticide to improve spreading, coverage and uptake into the leaf
  • Where using low water volumes or drift reducing nozzles to maximise coverage
  • Where crops are vulnerable to virus transmission
  • High aphid populations - monitor traps

Superior virus protection

Key benefits

Increases insecticide retention on the leaf

Increases leaf coverage with insecticide spray

Increases the uptake of insecticide into the leaf

Value in use

Helps to maximise protection from feeding aphids

Increases the number of aphids coming into contact with the insecticide spray when landing on the leaf

Increases the kill rate of feeding aphids on the leaf, reducing virus transmission

Reliable improvement in virus protection

Improvement in 7 years of trials
Average improvement of 22%

How to use Banka

  • For use with all insecticides in potatoes
  • Apply Banka with insecticide when aphids appear in traps and continue every 7 days
  • Latest application timing - before tuber initiation
  • Apply to the spray tank first after water

Application rate per hectare

0.075% - 0.1% of the final spray volume

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