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Powering effective weed control

In a favourable year, pre-emergence herbicides can deliver high levels of control, but inefficient delivery and the 97% control required to manage black-grass populations, makes this very difficult to achieve. At the pre-/peri-emergence spray timing the target is the soil. The aim is to maximise coverage with the herbicide spray and retain it in the top 5cm of the soil to control flushes of germinating weeds that may emerge over time. However, coverage can often be compromised by drift and herbicide retention can be affected by soil moisture and leaching potential of the herbicide. The adjuvant C-Cure is designed to optimise the placement of residual herbicides by reducing drift and increasing herbicide retention, leading to more effective weed control.

Key situations in which to use C-Cure

  • With all pre-/peri-emergence herbicides to optimise early weed control
  • Where drift will reduce coverage
  • To prevent drift, thereby increase herbicide dose and coverage on the target
  • Where soil:herbicide contact can be hard to achieve and better coverage is needed
  • To retain herbicide in the top 5cm of the soil to kill germinating weeds
  • On light soils to prevent leaching (except pure sand)
  • With herbicides such as metazachlor which are prone to leaching
  • To optimise herbicide performance in dry soils

Powering effective weed control

Key benefits

Improves soil coverage with herbicide spray

At the pre-emergence spray timing (i.e. herbicide applications applied to the soil before the weed has emerged), effective coverage of the soil with the applied herbicide is essential to ensure all germinating weeds “pick up” the herbicide as they emerge to prevent them establishing. Poor coverage can occur as a result of spray drift. C-Cure reduces spray drift and improves coverage.

Increases the longevity of weed control by up to 8 weeks

Weeds typically germinate from the top 5cm of soil in the soil profile. Residual herbicides (soil acting herbicides) need to be retained in the top 5cm of soil to control weeds as they germinate – weeds pick up herbicide through their roots and shoots – mainly shoots). However, some herbicides will leach down through the soil profile as they are “prone to leaching” or due to light soils which lack organic matter to bind to. C-Cure helps retain residual herbicides for up to 8 weeks, increasing the longevity of weed control.

Improves herbicide performance in dry soils

Residual herbicides (soil acting herbicides) typically require some moisture to work. However, often soils can become dry due to the lack of rain or where light soils “leach” the water easily. C-Cure retains soil moisture increasing the performance of residual herbicides.

Reduces leaching of crop protection products to groundwater and crop roots

Some herbicides have a tendency to leach, particularly in light soils which lack organic matter to bind to. C-Cure helps retain residual herbicides in the soil profile which prevent the leaching to groundwater and the root zone of the crop.

Value in use

Increases the number of weeds coming into contact with the herbicide at germination

C-Cure increases the number of weeds coming into contact with the herbicide at germination. This increases the number of weeds that will be controlled, both reducing seed return and improving crop competition and overall yield.

Helps to control flushes of weeds pre-emergence, reducing reliance on follow up treatment post-emergence

The removal of as many weeds possible pre-emergence reduces the reliance on having to make a follow up herbicide application post-emergence. This can often be costly and certainly in Spring crops, the numbers of herbicides available is becoming few and far between. Controlling weeds pre-emergence will help to ensure crops establish free from weed competition.

Improves weed control in dry conditions

Whilst it is not advisable to apply residual herbicides in dry conditions, sometimes there's no other option due to the risk of not getting the spray on at all. In other situations, it may just be that the herbicide went on in good conditions and suddenly soils have become dry due to prolonged, hot dry days. C-Cure will improve weed control in these situations.

Improves crops safety and water stewardship

By keeping herbicides and other crop protection products away from the crop root zone, C-Cure improves crop safety, which can sometimes be a concern in very wet soils in autumn. C-Cure is also a valuable water stewardship measure for herbicides and other crop protection products that may have a tendency to leach through the soil.

How to use C-Cure

  • C-Cure is approved for use in over 60 crops. For a full list of approved crops, please get in touch
  • For use with all residual herbicides applied pre-/peri-emergence
  • Effective in dry soils but for best results apply in the presence of some moisture
  • For use in all soil types except pure sand
  • Add C-Cure to the spray tank first after water

Application rate per hectare

Autumn rate 0.2 L/ha Spring rate 0.4 L/ha

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