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Your essential partner for unbeatable results

Kantor is a unique activator adjuvant that brings unbeatable performance to crop protection sprays by removing the physical and chemical constraints that restrict activity and efficacy. Bringing compatibility to tank mixes, reliability in suboptimal application conditions, and versatility in use, Kantor is the only 1-can adjuvant solution to benefit the full mixing and spraying process end to end. Kantor’s unique ability to influence every stage of the spray delivery process makes it a hugely valuable addition to many of the plant protection sprays you’ll be making to your crops. With multiple herbicides, fungicides and PGRs often added to the spray tank at the same time in busy springs, it’s crucial they mix well together to make sure they perform when, where and how you need them to. With Kantor you can be confident that products applied to the tank are stable, safe and active, and delivered to/inside the leaf/ear where they are needed. Achieve dependable crop protection results with Kantor – it’s an essential partner for unbeatable results. Click here for our latest information & trials results.

pH Buffering

pH Buffering





Designed purely to reduce drift and maximise coverage







Key situations to use

  • Improve the compatibility and safety of complex tank-mixtures
  • Late autumn, out of winter spraying when water is very cold to help products dissolve in the spray tank
  • Prevent alkaline hydrolysis in high pH water
  • Protect nearby crops sensitive to spray drift
  • Phoma and Light Leaf Spot sprays to optimise coverage and minimise infection in oilseed rape
  • Sclerotinia sprays to maximise coverage and protect entry points
  • Strengthen Septoria and rust protection at T1 & T2 in wheat
  • Flowering sprays to maximise ear protection and minimise fusarium/rust
  • Improve bentazone efficacy and maintain safety in peas and beans
  • With drift reducing nozzles to improve coverage
  • Curative sprays to speed up cuticle penetration and maximise uptake into the leaf
  • Increase the uptake of chlormequat and trinexapac-ethyl in cool conditions to protect against lodging
  • Maximise the uptake of ethephon-based PGRs at T2 in cereal crops at risk of lodging and brackling
  • Speed up the activation of metabolically activated ingredients e.g. prothioconazole
  • ingredients e.g. prothioconazole Low water volume spraying to maximise coverage
  • Post-emergence herbicide sprays to optimise the coverage of hairy/waxy leaves

Your perfect match for unbeatable performance

Key benefits

Promotes tank-mixing

Kantor is the only plant protection tank-mix adjuvant with a built-in micro-emulsifying compatibility aid that helps multiple components of a tank-mix to thoroughly mix together and remain thermodynamically stable in the spray tank – even in cold water. By promoting dissolution of all the mixture partners, Kantor prevents sediment in the spray tank, reduces antagonism between products improving crop safety, and increases the bioavailability of active ingredients for maximum uptake and performance. It’s the answer for easy, hassle-free tank-mixing.

Strong pH buffering

Kantor reduces spray water pH, preventing alkaline hydrolysis. This prevents the breakdown of susceptible active ingredients in water above pH7, ensuring stability in the tank and applications remain fast and effective in the field.

Excellent drift reduction and deposition

Kantor reduces the number of ultra fine spray droplets prone to drift. It also helps maintain a more uniform droplet spectrum, manipulating droplet size and deposition for optimum coverage and retention. This results in a more targeted application of crop protection sprays to weeds and crop canopies.

Optimum spreading and retention

Kantor reduces surface tension between the spray solution and the leaf/ear surface, enabling crop protection sprays to spread out and be retained. This optimises the coverage and contact between partner active ingredients and the leaf/ear surface for the best protection you can count on.

Maximum penetration power

Kantor is the only plant protection adjuvant that can increase the number of entry points at the leaf surface, speeding up cuticle penetration of partner active ingredients into the leaf. Based on a unique patented class of chemistry – the alkoxylated triglycerides – Kantor is three times smaller than most adjuvants which makes it uniquely able to concentrate the number of active ingredient molecules on the leaf surface increasing diffusion into the leaf, for maximum uptake and security when you need it.

Value in use

Makes mixing easy and crop safe

Keeps actives stable in the tank

Coverage and protection you can count on

Coverage and protection you can count on

Uptake and security when you need it

How Kantor works

pH Buffering

Buffers spray water to pH6

Alkaline water can break down some chemicals through a process called alkaline hydrolysis. The longer a mixed chemical is left in the tank prior to spraying, the greater the breakdown – it is not recommended to leave spray mixes overnight. Kantor buffers spray water to pH6 increasing stability in the tank and effectiveness in the field.

Aids tank mix compatibility

The addition of multiple products to the spray tank is a routine step for most spray operators. Whilst tank-mixing chemicals improves efficiency, an incompatible mix can cause antagonism and reduce efficacy in the field. Incompatibility can be caused by complex mixes, cold water, very hard water, or incorrect mixing order, and is not always visible unless there is a build-up of residue on nozzle filters or severe blockage in the tank or lines. However, only CPP fully dissolved in the spray tank will perform to their potential in the field. Poor mixing causes downtime and threatens efficacy and crop safety.

Kantor helps to keep all products fully dispersed in the water phase over time, even at very low temperatures. This increases compatibility and active availability to the crop, and also reduces the risk of phytotoxicity.

Reduces spray drift

Spray drift is a risk to every application and occurs when ultra-fine droplets (<100 microns) in the spray mixture are carried away by air movement. Spray drift reduces the effective dose and coverage applied and threatens off-targets – some formulations can be particularly drifty. Whilst drift reducing nozzles help reduce drift, they also reduce coverage that can lead to weeds and diseases escaping control.

Kantor reduces spray drift significantly by reducing the number of droplets <100 microns which are prone to drift. It also improves deposition and coverage by improving spray uniformity at the nozzle. This improvement in coverage helps to maximise coverage on the leaf for the best disease protection, and weed control.

Improves spreading on the leaf

When a spray droplet lands on a leaf it may be retained or bounce / run off. Droplets with a high dynamic surface tension like aqueous fungicides, frequently bounce off exposing the leaf/ear. Kantor reduces the dynamic surface tension allowing spray droplets to spread out on impact and increase the area of contact with the leaf/ear surface.

Stick and stay aids retention on the leaf

This is related to spreading. Kantor reduces the dynamic surface tension allowing spray droplets to spread out on impact and increase the area of contact with the plant surface. This reduces the propensity for spray droplets to bounce / run off, increasing retention on the leaf.

Improves penetration into the leaf

One of the most effective ways to improve efficacy is by increasing the penetration of the active ingredient into leaves. The cuticle is the most challenging barrier for the penetration of pesticides, particularly at low temperatures. Kantor, due to its extremely small molecular size (17Å i.e. 10-6 of a mm and 3x smaller than most adjuvants), is able to ‘concentrate’ the number of molecules on the leaf surface. Since entry into the leaf is determined by a diffusion co-efficient, where the higher the concentration the higher the entry, Kantor increases the lateral diffusion of the active across the cell membrane into the leaf by increasing contact with the leaf and increasing the number of entry points. 

Benefits confirmed in trials

Improved mixing
Strong pH reduction
Less drifty droplets
Improved coverage
Reduced lodging
Improved disease control
Case Study  |  

Kantor will help calm complex mixes this spring

With an incredibly compressed workload, big passes to catchup on and some complex tank mixes on the horizon, Yorkshire-based agronomist Billy Hosdell will be recommending adjuvant Kantor to aid tank-mix compatibility and improve efficacy.

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Extra control from Backrow and Kantor

With spring crops going into poor ground conditions, agronomist Greg Taylor will be recommending adjuvant Backrow this spring to improve herbicide coverage, improve retention and protect crop safety.

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Case Study  |  Adjuvant

Crop safety improvements with Backrow and Kantor

With an exacerbated workload and saturated soils, agronomist John Mason will be looking to Backrow to optimise annual meadow-grass control by helping to retain pre-emergence herbicides in the top 5cm of the soil.

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Adjuvants essential for boosting pesticide performance this spring

With everything resting on spring crops, agronomist James Grantham believes adjuvants Backrow and Kantor will help growers get the best out of their crops this season.

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How to use Kantor

  • Approved for use on over 60 crops
  • Flexible label for use with all crop protection products to optimise efficacy
  • Add Kantor first to the spray tank after water
  • For more information on how to use Kantor and to see our independent trials results, please request a copy of our product guide below
  • Kantor is available to purchase through Agrii

Application rate per hectare

0.15% of the final spray volume

Request a Kantor product guide

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