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Freedom to maximise yield

Optimising the effectiveness of crop protection inputs not only makes economic sense for the grower, it's also becoming increasingly important for resistance management. The adjuvant Kantor is specifically designed to optimise every step of the spray delivery process, from buffering, compatibility and placement, to penetration into the leaf, leading to higher efficacy, yields and profitability. The addition of Kantor to fungicide, herbicide and / or PGR applications will optimise the delivery of active ingredient(s) to their site of action, improving both efficacy and yield.

pH Buffering

pH Buffering





Designed purely to reduce drift and maximise coverage







Key situations in which to use Kantor

  • With post-emergence herbicides, plant growth regulators and fungicides to optimise uptake into the plant
  • With spray water above pH6, to buffer water and prevent alkaline hydrolysis
  • With complex tank mixtures to aid compatibility and crop safety
  • To prevent drift, maximising dose and placement on the target weeds/crop
  • Where using crop protection products such as sulfonyl urea herbicides and chlormequat impacted by cold temperatures, to aid uptake
  • Where spray target is difficult to penetrate e.g. waxy; hairy; small e.g. barley; brome; wheat ear; small weed, and improved uptake is required
  • Where pesticide applications have been delayed and need rapid uptake into the leaf
  • With active ingredients that are metabolically activated inside the leaf - faster the uptake, faster it starts working
  • With chlorothalonil and prothioconazole mixtures to reduce antagonism
  • With fungicide sprays in cereals to optimise efficacy and as a resistance management tool

Freedom to maximise yield

Key benefits

Prevents pesticide breakdown in the spray tank with high pH water - 6 ideal for most pesticides

Keeps all tank mix components dissolved in the spray water so they can be taken up by the leaf. This also improves crop safety

Ensures the full dose reaches the target and optimises leaf coverage at application

Improves dose and coverage on the leaf/ear

Improves uptake by increasing penetrating power into leaves

Value in use

Increases the availability of crop protection active ingredients for uptake into the leaf at high pH

Reduces antagonism and ensures all active ingredients within the mix are "available" for transport into leaves without the threat of crop damage

Increases the number of plants coming into contact with the crop protection products at application, increasing overall control

Increases the area of the leaf covered with herbicide spray | protects the whole leaf/ear for the best disease protection

Faster uptake into the leaf, increases the onset of weed/disease control, increasing speed of control/protection

How Kantor works

pH Buffering

Buffers spray water to pH6

At high pH crop protection products can breakdown, reducing adsorption into leaves. Kantor buffers spray water to pH6 increasing the reliability of uptake into target leaves. 

Aids tank mix compatibility

Only products fully dissolved in the spray tank will be available to the crop. Complex tank mixtures and molecules can be hard to dissolve, particularly in cold water, and lead to sedimentation in the tank exposing the crop to weed, pest, disease and phytotoxicity threats. Kantor helps to keep all products fully dispersed in the water phase over time, even at very low temperatures. This increases compatibility and active availability to the crop, and also reduces the risk of phytotoxicity.

Reduces spray drift

Kantor reduces spray drift significantly by reducing the number of droplets <100 microns which are prone to drift. It also improves deposition and coverage by improving spray uniformity at the nozzle. This improvement in coverage helps to maximise coverage on the leaf for the best disease protection, and weed control.

Improves spreading on the leaf

When a spray droplet lands on a leaf it may be retained or bounce / run off. Droplets with a high dynamic surface tension like aqueous fungicides, frequently bounce off exposing the leaf/ear. Kantor reduces the dynamic surface tension allowing spray droplets to spread out on impact and increase the area of contact with the plant surface.

Stick and stay aids retention on the leaf

This is related to spreading. Kantor reduces the dynamic surface tension allowing spray droplets to spread out on impact and increase the area of contact with the plant surface. This reduces the propensity for spray droplets to bounce / run off, increasing retention on the leaf.

Improves penetration into the leaf

One of the most effective ways to improve efficacy is by increasing the penetration of the active ingredient into leaves. The cuticle is the most challenging barrier for the penetration of pesticides, particularly at low temperatures. Kantor, due to its extremely small molecular size (17Å i.e. 10-6 of a mm and 3x smaller than most adjuvants), is able to ‘concentrate’ the number of molecules on the leaf surface. Since entry into the leaf is determined by a diffusion co-efficient, where the higher the concentration the higher the entry, Kantor increases the lateral diffusion of the active across the cell membrane into the leaf by increasing contact with the leaf and increasing the number of entry points. 

Freedom to maximise yield

+0.28 t/ha yield benefit
Reduced CTL antagonism
Improved Ramularia control
Improved fusarium control at T3
Improved Cercospera control
Improved crop safety with Basagran

How to use Kantor

  • Flexible label for use with all crop protection products to optimise efficacy
  • Add Kantor first to the spray tank after water

Application rate per hectare

0.15% of the final spray volume

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