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Promises vigorous crop establishment minus the stress

Newton is a natural, 100% organic plant-sourced biostimulant seed treatment which not only ensures vigorous crop establishment, it also helps to build stronger, healthier, more resilient plants that will thrive under stress, delivering higher yield and margin gains. It's the natural alternative to traditional seed treatments...or the perfect addition to! Replicated trials show Newton brings forward seed emergence by several days, and fuels exceptional increases in rooting for better nutrient uptake and resilience against drought and other environmental stresses. Less stress for you, less stress fo your plants. With trials showing yield increases of 5% in winter cereals and 10% in spring cereals when compared to naked (untreated) seed, all-organic Newton is the natural choice to help secure your yield and margins. Click here for our latest information & trials results.









Key situations in which to use Newton

  • To speed up germination, particularly in cool conditions
  • To increase emergence under challenging conditions
  • To stimulate root and shoot growth to optimise establishment
  • To enhance nutrient uptake
  • To improve tolerance to abiotic stress
  • In organic and conventional crops to support seed health

Promises vigorous crop establishment minus the stress

Key benefits

Speeds up crop emergence by several days

Newton leads to faster seed germination and emergence. On farm, Newton has speeded up seed emergence by up to 2.5 days over naked seed, helping to maximise establishment ahead of winter.

Builds stress tolerant plants ahead of winter

Newton speeds up the growth of young seedlings and stimulates deep-rooted, well tillered plants which are much better prepared to cope with the cold, wet stressy winter that may follow. Unique stress-busting peptides help the plant cope better under stress.

Reduces reliance on synthetic fertiliser

Producing stronger, more resourceful plants, Newton puts your crop in the best possible position to access available nutrition and moisture from the soil throughout its life so it is less dependent on high fertiliser inputs.

Grows drought resilient plants

Newton enables better crop survival in the field when water is withdrawn due to the significant increases in rooting it provides.

Works in harmony with soil biology

Newton is 100% natural and chemical-free and works in harmony with the crucial bacteria and fungi in your soils for a symbiotic soil/plant health relationship.

Suitable for organic growers

Newton is one of the few biostimulant seed treatments for use in organic crops. It is fully approved by Organic Farmers & Growers for unrestricted use and is registered with the Soil Association.

Value in use

Maximises establishment ahead of winter

Newton contains crucial signalling peptides that play a fundamental role in the regulation of growth and development and crucially, result in faster seed germination and establishment.

Helps plants adapt to stressful growing conditions

Newton provides an immediate supply of stress-acting amino acids that signal the defence systems of plants. This together with growth stimulating peptides, helps plants adapt to stressful growing conditions, and rapidly resets the balance between stress resistance and growth.

Makes the most of available nutrition and moisture

Newton contains unique root signalling peptides that lead to significant root growth increases from the get-go and enables the plant to make the most of available nutrition and moisture in the soil, unlike nutritional seed treatments which can lead to lazy roots.

Better crop survival when water is withdrawn

Stimulating significant increases in root growth, which in turn supports tiller health, research at The University of Nottingham has shown that Newton enables better crop survival in the field when water is withdrawn due to the significant increases in rooting it provides.

Supports regenerative farming practices

Plant-sourced, free of synthetic chemicals and packed full of stimulating and stress-busting peptides, Newton is the perfect choice for farmers seeking a more regenerative, sustainable approach to building plant health and food production from the seed drilling phase.

Can be used on conventional and organic seed

Newton is a very flexible seed treatment that can be co-applied with chemical seed dressings, or applied alone

How Newton works


Accelerates germination, improves emergence

Rapid seed germination and uniformity of emergence is crucial for efficient and profitable crop production. Early seedling growth is heavily reliant on stored energy reserves, whilst plant hormones trigger enzymes to waken dormant seed. Newton contains crucial signaling peptides that play a fundamental role in the regulation of growth and development. In a ready to use form for immediate use, peptides in Newton help to stimulate germination and emergence, resulting in improved seedling vigor.


Stimulates root and shoot growth

Early access to nutrition and moisture is critical for the healthy and rapid development of the crop. Nutrition must be accessible to the roots, whilst the healthy development of true leaves will help optimise photosynthesis, as well as provide competition to weeds also likely to be establishing at the this time. Signalling peptides in Newton stimulate root and shoot growth, leading to improvements in crop establishment.

Resilience to abiotic stress

The exposure of seed to abiotic stress often results in lower seed viability, reduced germination and poor seedling establishment. Peptides in Newton trigger defense signals which help to promote abiotic stress tolerance.

100% natural ingredients

Sourced solely from plants for plants, Newton is 100% natural, and is fully approved by Organic Farmers and Growers for use on organic crops. Newton has also been verified and is permitted for use within Soil Association organic standards for producers as a plant-derived fertiliser under Soil Association standard 2.5.2.

Best start, better finish

Faster germination
Improved emergence
Benefits early and late
Roots and shoots
Lateral roots
Competitor rooting
Competitor shoots
Higher yields
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Newton biostimulant seed treatment helps us grow better crops

Regenerative farmer Simon Bayliss is on a journey to self-sufficiency and using Newton biostimulant seed treatment to help grow better crops.

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Newton biostimulant seed treatment really helps make our crops more resilient

Soil saviour Matt Waldie is taking a regenerative approach to farm more sustainably and using Newton to improve resilience.

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Newton biostimulant seed treatment helps maximise our wheat establishment

Climate change champion Al Brooks is on the road to net zero and been using Newton to increase wheat establishment in drought prone soils.

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How to use Newton

  • Apply Newton through a conventional seed treater suitable for handling liquids
  • Newton is compatible with a range of seed treatments when applied together. Contact Interagro for details.
  • Newton can be co-applied with other seed treatments of choice such as an SPD to protect against seed-borne diseases
  • Seed should be of good quality and moisture content
  • Do not apply Newton to cracked, split or sprouted seed
  • If required, Newton may be watered down to aid application

Application to the seed

Apply Newton at a rate of 1.0 litre per tonne of seed in cereals

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