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Hit your goal, gain control

The new activator adjuvant Sorrento is the latest innovation in adjuvant technology, designed to help you get the most out of your weed control programme. Approved for use in a wide range of crops, Sorrento improves the coverage and performance of post-emergence herbicides, delivering the active ingredients right where they are needed inside leaf tissue, resulting in faster kill and higher overall weed control.







Key situations in which to use Sorrento

  • Weeds with waxy or hairy leaves to improve coverage
  • Large or established weeds to optimise coverage
  • Upright weeds e.g. grass-weeds or large broad leaf weeds to aid retention
  • Where using high water volumes to improve retention, or when using drift reducing nozzles to improve coverage
  • Weeds with thick waxy cuticles eg Fat-Hen, to help penetrate
  • Herbicide actives with moderate to high water solubility e.g. sulfonylureas, pinoxaden, pyroxsulam, nicosulfuron, halauxifen, imazamox, mecoprop-P to improve uptake. To check the water solubility of herbicide actives, visit the Pesticide Properties Database on the University of Hertfordshire's website

Hit your goal, gain control

Key benefits

Improves herbicide coverage across the leaf surface

Stronger herbicide activity

Faster uptake into weeds

Value in use

More effective control of large/hard to control weeds

Higher levels of overall weed control

Faster kill and higher overall weed control

How Sorrento works


Improves spreading on the leaf

Water, the herbicide carrier, has a high surface tension and therefore beads on waxy/hairy leaf surfaces. As a result, plant protection sprays do not normally spread out on the leaf surface leading to poor coverage on the weed, and lead to poor control. Sorrento lowers surface tension, allowing the herbicide droplets to uniformly spread out and cover the leaf. Increasing herbicide contact across the weed leaf surface is critical to good coverage needed for effective weed control.

Improves retention on the leaf

One of the most notable benefits of Sorrento is its exceptional binding properties which increase herbicide “pinning” to the leaf surface. This leads to improved herbicide retention across the leaf surface, increasing herbicide activity.

Improves penetration into the leaf

The leaf cuticle, on the upper and lower leaf surface of weeds, is the biggest barrier to effective weed control. Herbicides with a moderate to high water solubility need an adjuvant to penetrate the (waxy) cuticle. Sorrento aids penetration of these herbicides due its hydrophilic/lipophilic balance which increases the flow of more water soluble herbicides through the leaf cuticle. Sorrento increases both the speed and overall uptake of the herbicide resulting in faster weed kill.

Faster kill and higher overall weed control

Sorrento has increased speed of weed kill in nearly all field trials
Sorrento has increased the level of weed control in 51/52 comparisons

How to use Sorrento

  • Sorrento is approved for use in a wide range of crops. For a full list of crops, please request our product guide below, or get in touch
  • For use with all approved post-emergence herbicides
  • Add Sorrento to the spray tank first before adding plant protection products or fertiliser

Application rate per hectare

0.1% of the final spray volume

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