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Anti Drift


Maximise fungicide performance

Keeping late blight out of potatoes is a season long campaign for growers and becoming increasingly challenging. With resistance to fluazinam and the increased pressure on remaining modes of action, a robust resistance management strategy which improves coverage is essential to safeguard crops and chemistry. Developed to help tackle the practical problems growers face, Sterling is a flexible anti-drift agent specifically designed for use with all potato blight fungicides to reduce drift and maximise coverage to all parts of the crop.



Designed purely to reduce drift and maximise coverage

Key situations in which to use Sterling

  • With all blight fungicides throughout the programme to reduce drift and maximise coverage to all parts of the crop
  • Where on-time application is hard to achieve due to drift constraints
  • High blight risk and need to maximise protection throughout the whole crop

Maximising performance

Key benefits

Maximises fungicide dose on the crop

Drift is the biggest cause of off-target chemical movement and threatens the crop from disease where it is not adequately protected. Sterling reduces drift which in turn ensures the full intended dose is delivered to the whole crop in order to maximise fungicide performance.

Sterling aids coverage to the lower canopy

Whilst full crop coverage is vital to prevent scattered infection, the "umbrella-like" structure of the canopy - a series of interlocking leaves - makes this very difficult to achieve. Leaves are good collectors of vertical moving spray in the upper canopy but leaves and stems lower down can be very hard to reach, moving the risk of tuber blight to the whole crop. The addition of Sterling to fungicide sprays manipulates droplet size to maximise coverage (and dose) to both the upper and lower canopy.

Extends the spray window

By reducing drift, Sterling can ensure blight sprays can still be applied to the crop.

Value in use

Sterling delivers maximum protection against blight

By delivering the full intended fungicide dose to the crop, Sterling offers stronger protection against blight, in situations where it otherwise would have been compromised by drift.

Sterling prevents scattered infection

Sterling creates larger droplets helping blight fungicides to penetrate through to the lower canopy, thereby protecting the whole crop. Protecting the whole crop from scattered infection is essential to prevent the risk of blight to the entire crop.

Tightens spray intervals

Tight spray intervals are crucial to protect the crop. Sterling can make conditions conducive to spraying by reducing drift, that otherwise may not have been possible.

How Sterling works


Reduces spray drift

Sterling maximises the performance of blight fungicides by removing the physical limitations on blight fungicides to work at their best – it removes the fine droplets prone to drift, and optimises droplet size in the upper end of the spectrum that enable the spray droplets to penetrate the canopy lower down and be retained.


How to use Sterling

  • For use with blight fungicides in potatoes
  • Flexible label for use throughout the blight programme
  • Sterling has been proven on farm with an extensive range of blight fungicides
  • Sterling is compatible with a wide range of insecticides and foliar feeds
  • Apply to the spray tank first after water

Application rate per hectare

0.25% of the final spray volume

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