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Water Conditioner


Putting growers in control

Effective stubble cleaning can be challenging and may delay drilling in situations where glyphosate efficacy is compromised. Hard water, common in many arable areas, and high pH (>6.0) can detrimentally affect both the availability and adsorption of glyphosate, impacting speed of kill and the overall effectiveness of stale seedbeds and burn off at harvest. Applications may also be compromised by drift, which reduces dose applied to the target area and brings potential harm to off-targets. Volta-Ego is the next generation Volta water conditioner designed to maximise the efficacy of glyphosate for a faster and cleaner entry into the next crop.

pH Buffering

pH Buffering







Designed purely to reduce drift and maximise coverage

Key situations in which to use Volta-Ego

  • With spray water above pH5 to buffer and prevent alkaline hydrolysis
  • In areas with hard water to soften and prevent hard water cations "locking up" glyphosate
  • To prevent drift, thereby maximising herbicide dose and coverage on the target
  • Where using drift reducing technology or low water volumes to maximise coverage
  • With glyphosate formulations that may be prone to foaming
  • For fast entry into the next crop

Proven to maximise glyphosate performance

Key benefits

Prevents glyphosate breakdown in the spray tank with high pH water - pH5 is ideal for glyphosate

Prevents hard water cations "locking up" glyphosate which prevents the absorption into target leaves/crops/stubbles

Prevents foaming at filling

Protects off-targets, ensures full dose reaches the target and maximises leaf coverage with glyphosate at application

Value in use

Maximises the availability of glyphosate for effective weed, crop and stubble control

Maximises glyphosate absorption into target weeds/crops/stubbles increasing the reliability and numbers controlled

Avoids unnecessary downtime removing foam or cleaning up overspills, improving efficiency at filling

Maximises the number of plants coming into contact with glyphosate at application, maximising control

How to use Volta-Ego

  • Volta-Ego is compatible with all formulations of glyphosate
  • Add Volta-Ego first to the spray tank after water
  • Use at 0.125% of the final spray volume for buffering only
  • Use at 0.25% of the final spray volume for full water conditioning

Application rate per hectare

0.125% - 0.25% of the final spray volume

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