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Increasing the resilience of crops to climate change and unlocking the genetic potential of plants, are the two most challenging areas of crop protection and driving growing use of a new era of smart protection - Biostimulants. Zonda is an amino acid biostimulant designed to help crops reach their genetic yield potential and reduce the impact of abiotic stress by improving plant health. Feeding a crop Zonda guarantees the supply of amino acids for building protein, critical for plant health. Zonda treated crops are more likely to reach their genetic yield and quality potential.







Nutrient uptake

Nutrient uptake

Pollination & Fruiting

Pollination & Fruiting



Key situations in which to use Zonda

  • At the key stages of crop development to maximise yield and quality - for more information request a copy of our product guide below
  • Where crop is stressed or stress is anticipated
  • To improve the metabolic efficiency of the crop
  • To optimise root and shoot growth at establishment
  • Crops on light land which can struggle to access water and micronutrients at depth
  • To optimise grain fill and fruit set in the run up to harvest
  • In organic systems to improve plant health and maximise yield and quality

Building healthier crops

Key benefits

Produces fitter plants with greater tolerance to abiotic stress

Increases the metabolic efficiency of plants

Improves the crop's access to water and nutrients

Produces healthier crops that can build yield for longer

Helps to build crop yield and quality in the final trimester before harvest

100% plant derived amino acids with full approval for use on all organic crops without restriction throughout the growing phase

Value in use

Greater resilience to unexpected stresses, enabling crop growth and development to continue without compromise to yield and quality

Helping you grow a higher yielding, high quality crop more efficiently

A crop that has access to all the water and nutrients it needs is more likely to reach its yield and quality potential

Healthy crops that have full access to water and nutrients will be more resilient to disease and crop stress

Helps crops to reach their genetic yield and quality potential

Suitable for use in all end markets without restriction

Case Study  |  Biostimulant

Zonda helps crops reach their genetic yield potential

For Keith Challen at Belvoir Farming Company, Zonda offers a valuable insurance policy to help protect the genetic yield potential of crops.

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How to use Zonda

  • For best results apply ahead of crop stress and maintain applications at the key stages of crop development. For specific crop and timing recommendations, please request a copy of our product guide below or contact our Technical Manager, Stuart Sutherland
  • Zonda is miscible with the most common crop protection products and fertilisers. Testing for compatibility is recommended
  • Avoid mixes with Centurion Max
  • When using Zonda in Sugar Beet, the use of oil must be avoided

Application rate per hectare

1.0 - 3.0 L/ha at each application depending on the crop and time of application. Request a copy of our product guide below for specific crop recommendations

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