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We have a wide range of products designed to optimise every stage of the spray application process and help you build healthier crops.

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We have a range of solutions to help optimise performance on farm.

Anti Foaming


Abate is a superior anti-foaming agent designed for use with crop protection products to prevent / remove foam created during the spray tank filling process.

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Soil Conditioner


Agrigate is a superior soil conditioner designed to alleviate the effects of soil compaction, poor soil quality and improve water and root infiltration through the soil profile.

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Arma is an adjuvant specifically designed for use in a wide range of crops to help optimise the spray delivery process, increasing pesticide uptake for more rapid protection, leading to an increase in the overall performance.

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Water Conditioner


Assist is a water conditioner for use with selective and non-selective herbicides to improve spray water quality by softening and buffering spray water pH, in order to optimise herbicide uptake and performance.

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Backrow Max

Backrow Max is a specialist activator adjuvant designed to power residual herbicide performance in the toughest of weather and application conditions, helping to take down yield-robbing weeds once and for all.

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Bridgeway is a plant based amino acid biostimulant proven to reduce crop stress and release the yield and quality potential of a vast array of crops by improving plant health.

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Anti Drift


Crusade is a specialist drift retardant designed to maximise the performance of potato blight fungicides by reducing drift.

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Pod Sticker


Iskay is a specialist pod sticker designed to prevent pod shatter by coating the crop with a thin polymer micromesh which holds brittle pods together to prevent pod shatter before / during harvest.

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Kantor is a unique adjuvant designed to optimise the delivery of pesticides at every stage of the spraying process in order to maximise performance and yield in a wide range of crops.

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Soil Stabiliser


Mortar is a new soil stabiliser for growers designed to protect soils from wind blow by creating a cap on the soil surface which persists for 6-8 weeks.

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Newton is a natural, organic biostimulant seed treatment which promises vigorous crop establishment minus the stress.

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Sorrento is a new and unique activator adjuvant offering improved weed control in a wide range of crops. Sorrento is designed to optimise the performance of post-emergence herbicides by improving coverage and herbicide delivery to the target site inside leaf tissue, resulting in faster kill and higher overall weed control.

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