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Challenges limiting performance

What steps can you take to boost the efficiency of your crop protection sprays so they work more effectively, and improve the profitability of your crops? With detailed information and insights for growers and spray operators, our Challenges knowledge hub is packed with best practice advice on everything from tank-mix troubleshooting to optimising herbicide uptake in to difficult weeds. Find answers to FAQs or ask our experts for advice tailored to your specific situation - understand the hidden crop protection barriers that may be holding you back.

Water quality & mixing in the tank impact pesticide efficacy
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Spray drift puts your crop & off-targets at risk
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Pesticide coverage & uptake need to be improved
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Pushing performance hub

Making small changes can have a big impact on your results. Whatever challenge or combination of barriers you are facing growing your crops, understand the options available to help you get the most out of your crop protection. Here our experts provide detailed insights on all aspects of adjuvants, (biostimulants coming soon), drift retardants and water conditioners. Knowledge to help you make informed choices on ways to make your crop protection inputs more efficient, reliable and effective.

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Drift retardants combat drift & ensure on-target spraying

Timely on-target spray application is a key objective for effective pesticide applications, but even on a “good” spray day, drift may set you back. Adding a drift retardant in to the spray tank will help combat drift and keep your sprays on target.

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Master tank mix adjuvants to push pesticide performance

They’re not all muck and mystery! Master tank mix adjuvants and you’ll be able to select the right ones so you can push your pesticide performance to the max.

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Water conditioners help maximise pesticide effectiveness

Is hard water and high pH causing havoc with your tank mixes? If it is, you’ll need to condition hard water and correct pH with a water conditioner to maximise pesticide effectiveness.

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