Jun 21 2024

Stimulate your plants to thrive naturally with Newton biostimulant ST

Based on plant-sourced signalling peptides – a type of plant hormone – Newton biostimulant ST is the natural eco-friendly alternative to chemical seed treatment that stimulates plants to thrive naturally.

Managing the balance of growth promoting hormones versus growth inhibiting hormones, Newton not only stimulates faster germination, it also signals exceptional root and shoot growth and the defense systems of plants.


Building resilience with Newton

  • OPTIMISED ESTABLISHMENT – Achieve faster, more consistent seedling emergence and vigorous early growth.
  • ENHANCED RESILIENCE – Arm your crops against winter stresses, drought, pests, and diseases. 
  • SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS – Promote soil health and reduce your reliance on synthetic inputs.


Get your copy of our latest Newton guide, packed full of research, field trials results, farmer case studies and more.

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Stimulate your plants to thrive with Newton biostimulant ST



Faster germination

Newton speeds up germination, leading to faster emergence over naked seed and chemical dressings.

Controlled environment replicated research carried out by the University of Nottingham has shown Newton speeds up the time taken to reach 90% seed germination:

  • Wheat – 2 days faster than naked seed, 1.5 days faster than Vibrance Duo
  • Peas – 1.5 days faster than naked seed
  • Beans – 2 days faster than naked seed


Faster emergence

Farmers regularly experience healthier, faster to emerge crops compared to naked seed and chemical dressings.

For example:

Matt Waldie’s Newton treated winter oats emerged 2.5 days faster than naked seed. 

Forth generation arable farmer Matt Waldie is farm manager at 4 Front Farming Co Ltd in Fife, Scotland. Farming across four farms from sea level up to 700 ft, Matt’s on the front line of climate change and utilising the benefits of Newton as part of a regenerative farming approach to help secure winter wheat, winter oat and spring barley establishment under increasingly challenging growing conditions. Discover more about Matt’s Newton experience and how it is helping by clicking here.

More consistent emergence

Newton increases the number of plants emerging per sqm.

Versus Beret Gold – 9% more plants

This was seen in UK 2019 replicated field trials looking at the effects of Newton on Beret Gold (fludioxonil) treated wheat established at various seed rates and drill widths. Newton increased the number of plants per sqm by 9% which was statistically significant.

In late drilled wheat – 12% more plants

Agrii field trials in 2019 looked at the effect of Newton in October and November drilled wheat. There were benefits to plant establishment at both timings with increases of 7% and 12%, respectively.

Stimulate your plants to thrive with Newton biostimulant seed treatment

Extraordinary rooting benefits

Newton stimulates exceptional root growth, superior to many other biostimulant seed treatments on the market.

Newton helps plants access water and nutrients more effectively by building an expansive root system from day one. Crucially this helps your plants in optimising nutrient use efficiency and withstanding drought and other environmental stresses later in the life of the crop.

Trials at Nottingham university have demonstrated the following rooting benefits with Newton:

  • Wheat and barley – average 43% more roots over naked seed and 20% more roots compared to Vibrance Duo
  • Peas – 28% more roots over naked seed
  • Beans – 64% more roots over naked seed

Exceptional rooting on farm

The extraordinary rooting benefits of Newton come through time and time again on farm.

Stimulate your plants to thrive with Newton biostimulant ST

Vigorous early growth

Stimulating more shoot mass compared to naked seed, Newton increases crop vigour, giving plants a competitive edge in suboptimal growing conditions.

Replicated research at the university, and field trials have shown:

  • Average 22% more shoot mass in wheat and barley compared to naked and 15% more shoot mass compared to Vibrance Duo
  • Significant tillering increases of 13-23% in suboptimal growing conditions
  • 27% bigger pea plants
  • 57% bigger bean plants



Natural resilience

Newton contains crucial amino acids that boost your plants’ ability to withstand winter stresses, drought, pests and diseases.

Drought resilience researched

Improved rooting has huge implications when it comes to drought resilience, with further studies at the university demonstrating what happens when water is withdrawn. The aim of the experiment was to investigate the effect of Newton on early root and shoot growth in spring barley in a drought situation.

Nottingham’s Dr Steve Rossall concluded that Newton enhanced both root and shoot development in the spring barley and that these effects were seen in unstressed and drought-stressed plants. Statistically, this was represented as a 35% increase in root growth and a 47% improvement in shoot mass under drought conditions.

Stimulate your plants to thrive with Newton biostimulant ST

Boosting resilience on-farm with Newton biostimulant ST

With increasing climate stress on farmers and their crops, the resilience benefits of Newton are being felt more and more on-farm.


Newton biostimulant ST is part of the jigsaw to help you farm more sustainably.

Supports microbial activity

By improving the structure and size of roots for microbes to inhabit and feed, Newton biostimulant ST fosters beneficial microbial interactions in the rhizosphere, crucial to plant health.

Reduces reliance on synthetic inputs

Newton produces more resourceful plants better able to scavenge the soil for the nutrients they need. This not only has economic advantages – reducing your dependency on costly inputs – it also supports more sustainable farming by reducing reliance on synthetic fertilisers. Optimising nutrition and avoiding deficiencies to key to improving resilience against pests and diseases.

Why biostimulant seed treatments are better for regenerative farming

Higher nutrient uptake and nitrogen-use-efficiency

As well as farm trials showing increased macro and micronutrient uptake with Newton in cereals, Nottingham University research has shown significant benefits to nitrogen use efficiency in beans – by increasing the number of nitrogen fixing bacteria called rhizobium.

These bacteria colonise the roots of leguminous plants which in response, produce a swelling on the roots called nodules. It is inside these nodules that the bacteria fix nitrogen and convert it to ammonia, which is crucial for plant growth and development.

Newton significantly increased the number of root nodules – by 66% – meaning Newton increases nitrogen use efficiency in beans.

Helping farmers nurture their fields naturally

By working with nature, we help your plants flourish with vitality and resilience.



Newton is recommended in winter and spring cereals, peas and beans and can be applied to your home saved seed by a mobile seed treater or request Newton seed treatment when ordering your new seed.

It can be applied to naked seed or can be easily co-applied with your standard seed dressing.

Don’t forget to leave an untreated area of the field so you can see (by digging plants) what difference Newton makes to your crops.


Newton treated seed can be ordered through any of the following merchants below. You can also ask your mobile seed treater to apply it for you in the same way they would a traditional dressing.

If your usual supplier is not listed, ask them to get in touch with us. We are always looking to expand our supply routes.

 Newton can be supplied in 5 litre cans, 200 litre drums or 1,000 litre IBC.

Agrii, Anglia Grain Services, Cope, Dods of Haddington, Alexander Harley Seeds Ltd, Messrs Alex Brewster, McCreath Simpson & Prentice, Goldingham Contracts, Frontier Agriculture Ltd, Wynnstay.


Download a copy of our 2024-25 Newton booklet for new farmer case studies, trials results and more. 

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