Jan 24 2024

Stimulate your plants to thrive with biostimulant seed treatment Newton

Biostimulant seed treatment Newton is comprised of unique stimulating peptides that stimulate plants to thrive. It’s the natural, eco-friendly alternative to chemical seed treatment for growers looking for a more sustainable alternative to synthetic inputs.

Aside from crop performance, Newton is a really practical option for growers and be co-applied with chemical and nutritional dressings where required.

Newton is recommended for use in cereals and pulses.

Keep reading to find out more about the benefits of Newton, or download our 2023-24 booklet here.

It all starts with the seed

Plant health is everything and it all starts with the seed. A deep rooted, well tillered plant that’s quick out of the blocks is the key to achieving stronger, healthier more resilient plants less reliant on synthetic inputs during the season. Optimising plant health from day one with Newton – by boosting seeds rather than treating plants – is the number one thing you can do to achieve a more resilient and sustainable start, both environmentally and profitably.

Stimulate plants to thrive with Newton biostimulant seed treatment

Newton stimulates plants to thrive

Managing the balance of growth promoting hormones versus growth inhibiting hormones, Newton not only triggers faster germination, it also signals exceptional root and shoot growth and the defence systems of plants. 


Stronger establishment from day one


Faster germination puts crops streets ahead on emergence

The sooner seedlings emerge, the earlier crops begin to grow and develop. Chemical seed treatments have the potential to delay crop emergence by several days. Treating naked seed with Newton or co-applying with your chemical seed dressing will help to optimise germination and emergence.

Extensive research conducted by Dr Steve Rossall at Nottingham University, has shown Newton brings forward germination:

  • In wheat – 2 days faster germination than naked seed
  • In wheat – 1.5 days faster than Vibrance Duo
  • In beans – 2 days faster than naked seed
  • In peas – 1.5 days faster than naked seed

Grower feedback confirms speedier emergence on farm:

  • 2.5 days faster emergence over naked seed
  • 4-5 days faster than Beret Gold + Latitude

Stimulate your plants to thrive with Newton biostimulant seed treatment

Photo courtesy of Matt Waldie, Farm Manager, Fife

Improved crop establishment leads to more vigorous competitive crops

Robust crop establishment helps grow better crops. Difficult weeds late drilling, and cold temperatures can slow establishment, compromising potential. Stimulating more shoot mass compared to naked seed, Newton increases crop vigour, giving plants a competitive edge over challenging weeds and suboptimal weather conditions. This has come through in replicated field trials, showing:

  • Up to 12% higher emergence with Beret Gold
  • Up to 17% higher emergence in stressful growing conditions
  • Increases in the number of plants per sqm, and increases in the number of tillers

More results can be viewed by downloading our Newton booklet here.

Promotes healthier plants less reliant on synthetic inputs


Exceptional root growth increases improve moisture & nutrient access by the plant

Increasing the efficiency of the plant is key to boosting productivity. Poor rooting has implications for plant health and ultimately how you will need to manage that plant during its life. 

Stimulating exceptional root growth – better than many other biostimulant seed treatments on the market – Newton puts plants in the best position to acquire crucial moisture and nutrients throughout its lifetime so it is less reliant on synthetic inputs. 

Research over several years at Nottingham University continues to demonstrate significant root growth benefits when applying Newton to cereals and pulses:

  • An average of: +43% in wheat and barley
  • +28% in peas
  • +64% in beans
  • +82% in maize

Effect of Newton on root and shoot growth in a variety of crops (Left: untreated seed; right: Newton treated seed)Stimulate your plants to thrive with Newton biostimulant seed treatmentPhotos courtesy of Dr Rossall

Increases in nutrient uptake achieved on farm

Stimulating increased rooting, leaf tissue tests on farm show Newton improves nutrient uptake. This is not only better for crop performance, it also has economic advantages, reducing reliance on synthetic fertiliser.

In one particular spring barley trial cv Planet, Newton increased the uptake of all nutrients except phosphorous and led to a yield increase of 0.6 t/ha.

Supports plant microbial symbiosis

Newton improves the structure and size of roots for biology to colonise and feed.


Research conducted at Nottingham University 2023

Significant increases in nitrogen-fixing bacteria confirmed in beans

Rooting research conducted in beans in 2023 showed as well as increasing rooting by 64%, Newton also benefits nitrogen-fixing-bacteria.

In the beans, rhizobium was included in the growing compost. These bacteria colonise the roots of leguminous plants which in response, produce a swelling on the roots called nodules. It is inside these nodules that the bacteria fix nitrogen and convert it to ammonia, which is crucial for plant growth and development.

Dr Rossall found that Newton significantly increased the number of root nodules – by 66% – meaning Newton increases nitrogen use efficiency in beans too.

For more information on the benefits of Newton in beans, download our latest beans flyer here.

Newton is a proactive approach to managing stress


Improves resilience to future stress conditions

Optimising seed health is key to minimising future stress & maximising cropping success. Weather extremes are becoming increasingly prevalent and challenging to plant health.

Newton improves resilience to weather extremes during the growing season, including frost heave resistance, resilience over winter and drought periods.

Research at Nottingham University in 2022 demonstrated the effects of dry conditions on plant health and how Newton helps.

In the Newton/spring barley trials, the seed treatment was applied to plug plants cv Planet, and raised in a peat-based module compost until the second leaf had emerged.

Following this, they were then transplanted into deeper pots filled with hydroleca – an expanded clay pellet substrate that allows roots to be assessed easily.

Half of the plants were watered daily, while the other half were only irrigated after they displayed early signs of wilting – replicating an in-field drought scenario.

Dr Rossall concluded that Newton enhanced root and shoot development in spring barley and that these effects were seen in unstressed and drought-stressed plants.

Statistically, this was represented as a 16% increase in shoot growth under no stress, and a 47% improvement under drought conditions. The greatest effects were seen on root development, and this allowed better survival in field soil when water was withdrawn.

Effect of Newton on drought resilience in spring barley

Photo courtesy of Dr Rossall

More and more growers are benefiting from the effects of Newton

Increase your cropping success with Newton

Flexible and practical application

Newton is recommended in winter and spring cereals, peas and beans, and can be applied to home saved seed by a mobile seed treater or simply request Newton when ordering your seed.

Newton is a flexible biostimulant seed treatment that can be:

  • applied solo to naked seed or
  • co-applied with a chemical/nutritional seed dressing

As a non-microbial product, Newton will last on the seed for when you need to over year – there is no risk of it soiling or decaying like a microbial treatment would do.

Ask for Newton

Newton is available to order through a range of suppliers:

Agrii, Anglia Grain Services, Cope Seeds & Grain, Dods of Haddington, Alexander Harley Seeds Ltd, Messrs Alex Brewster, McCreath Simpson & Prentice, Goldingham Contracts, Frontier Agriculture Ltd.

For more information

You can download our Newton booklet for product info and further trials data. Download here 

For further information or technical questions on how Newton can help stimulate your crops to thrive, please contact Stuart below.

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