Aug 30 2023

Why residual herbicide adjuvants can add valuable black-grass control

A vital weapon in the armoury

The inclusion of a residual herbicide adjuvant with the pre-em spray is fast becoming a vital weapon on the black-grass battlefield as farmers and spray operators look to get the upper hand against the pernicious weed. By improving herbicide application and longevity under adverse weather conditions in the weeks after application, adding a residual herbicide adjuvant to your pre-em spray can add valuable black-grass control.

Key benefits:

  • Enhanced herbicide performance
  • Increased residual activity
  • Adaptable to various conditions
  • Improved crop safety
  • Improved weed spectrum
  • Reduced weed resistance
  • Compatibility and convenience

The benefits for superior black-grass control

An effective residual herbicide adjuvant can provide several benefits for effective black-grass control when used in conjunction with herbicides. Here are some of the key advantages:

Enhanced herbicide performance

Residual herbicides are designed to provide long-lasting weed control by creating a barrier in the soil that prevents weed germination and growth. Adjuvants like Backrow Max, can improve the performance of residual herbicides by enhancing their absorption and translocation within the plant. This leads to increased efficacy and a more reliable control of weeds.

Residual herbicide leaching weakens efficacy

Increased residual activity

Residual herbicides typically have a limited lifespan in the soil, and their effectiveness can diminish over time due to factors like degradation or leaching. Some adjuvants like Backrow Max can help extend the residual activity of herbicides by reducing their breakdown or enhancing their binding to soil particles. This prolongs the weed control period, reducing the need for frequent herbicide applications.

Adaptable to various conditions

Residual herbicide adjuvants are designed to improve herbicide performance under various environmental conditions. They can help overcome challenges such as limited rainfall, high temperatures, or certain soil types that may otherwise hinder the efficacy of herbicides. Adjuvants such as Backrow Max can enhance herbicide activity under adverse conditions, ensuring consistent weed control.

Take weed control to the max with Backrow Max

Improved crop safety

Heavy rainfall doesn’t just impact weed control, it also has implications for crop safety too.

The higher your herbicide active ingredient’s water solubility, the more mobile it is, and the higher the potential to seep to crop roots and beyond. It is important to bear in mind, that any herbicide damage to the crop will impact establishment.

Some residual herbicide adjuvants like Backrow Max can protect crop safety by increasing herbicide retention in the upper soil profile, safeguarding plants from herbicide damage.

Improved weed spectrum

Different weeds have varying levels of tolerance to herbicides. By using an adjuvant with a residual herbicide, you can broaden the spectrum of weeds controlled. The adjuvant can enhance the herbicide’s effectiveness against a wider range of weed species, providing more comprehensive weed management.

How adjuvants could make the difference to weed control this spring

Why residual herbicide adjuvants can add valuable black-grass control

Reduced weed resistance

Weed resistance to herbicides is a growing concern in agriculture. By using a residual herbicide adjuvant, you can optimise the performance of herbicides, ensuring that weeds are effectively controlled. This reduces the selection pressure on weeds and minimises the risk of developing resistance over time.

Compatibility and convenience

Many residual herbicide adjuvants are formulated to be easily mixed with herbicides, ensuring compatibility and convenient application. This simplifies the spraying process for farmers and reduces the risk of incorrect adjuvant-herbicide combinations that could lead to reduced efficacy or crop damage.

Master tank mix adjuvants to push pesticide performance

Choosing an effective residual herbicide adjuvant

It is worth noting that the effectiveness of residual herbicide adjuvants can vary depending on crop species, environmental conditions, and specific products used.  We advise that you carefully evaluate and choose adjuvants based on the supporting evidence and your specific needs.

Backrow Max adjuvant pushes pre-em performance to the limit

Adding our residual herbicide adjuvant Backrow Max to your pre- and peri-emergence applications is the #1 thing you can do to help maximise performance in all weather conditions.

With proven abilities versus competitor adjuvants, and efficacy benefits with the latest herbicides, Backrow Max will help you push the performance of your pre-ems to the limit and take weed control to the max.

Can you find out more about Backrow Max here.

Backrow Max is available to purchase from Agrii.

Why residual herbicide adjuvants can add valuable black-grass control

Backrow Max on farm


Why residual herbicide adjuvants can add valuable black-grass control

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