Jun 07 2021

Overcome weed control barriers with Sorrento

NEW highly effective adjuvant to power maize weed control

With a reduced herbicide toolbox this season and challenging application conditions, integrating new adjuvant Sorrento into the weed control programme offers significant benefits to maize growers to help overcome weed control obstacles.

Despite the large nature of the maize crop, getting crops up and away, free from weeds is crucial to protect yield and quality potential. However, with the cold-dry April followed by a cold-wet May delaying the emergence of maize crops, optimising maize health and freeing crops of yield-robbing weeds has been delayed and is now crucial to optimise maize potential. 

As maize plants increase in size with the warmer weather, the delivery of post-emergence herbicides becomes more tricky and a suitable adjuvant partner will be  required to achieve the results needed for effective weed control.

Key challenges requiring adjuvant:

  • Weeds can become shaded, with herbicide intercepted by the crop
  • Some spring germinators have very thick waxy, hairy leaves, which prevent herbicide coverage across the leaf
  • Herbicide actives with high water solubility, such as nicosulfuron and mesotrione, can be slow to penetrate leaf cuticles
  • Herbicide uptake can be further reduced in dry conditions

Adjuvant Sorrento has been specifically designed to address all of the above challenges making it the perfect tank-mix partner for post-emergence herbicides to perform their best.

Overcome weed control barriers with Sorrento

Overcome weed control barriers with Sorrento

Download our latest maize bulletin here

Remove weed competition from your maize crops and achieve the benefits of higher yields and margins.

Faster and more effective weed control with Sorrento

  • Include Sorrento at 0.1% of the final spray volume to optimise herbicide coverage and contact across the leaf to power uptake through weed leaf cuticles
  • Increases spreading and retention of herbicides across tricky leaf surfaces e.g. hairy/waxy leaves, increasing contact
  • Increases penetration of herbicides that struggle to penetrate leaf cuticles (high water solubility), leading to faster and higher uptake

Sorrento key benefits

  • Faster and more effective control of hard to control weeds such as Barnyard grass and Fat-hen
  • Less survivors higher overall control – top-performing adjuvant in trials for herbicides with high mobility
  • Stronger herbicide performance in dry conditions

For Sorrento trials results, application advice and to find out more, download our latest bulletin here.

Overcome weed control barriers with Sorrento

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